My Favourite Person paragraph

A person or thing regarded with peculiar favour; one treated with partiality; one preferred above others; especially, one unduly loved, trusted, and enriched with favours by a person of high rank or authority. 

I have a favourite person who is Mr. Mark, is highly qualified and has done double M.A. He who is a teacher is adjudged as good or bad according to the temperament of the students. He has some basic qualities that will inspire the pupils to pay their attention towards him. He knows the art of teaching. He is the master of his subject. He makes his lessons interesting. His method of teaching is convincing and inspiring. 

He treats his students like his own children. He praises the good work done by them. If a student does some mistake, he is not very harsh to him. He tactfully makes his student realise his mistake. He is never angry with his students. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He has a high moral character. He is sincere in teaching and is hard working. He does not allow us to be lazy.

He makes a simple living but his thinking is great. He influences our young minds with his fatherly care. He does not encourage the students to flee the time carelessly in idle chat, in idle thought rather he encourages us to be perseverant. He is a true friend and a sincere guide to the students.

The skill in teaching will make him a lovable teacher for us in the school. His picture is so deeply entranced in my heart that I think no matter where ever I go I will never forget him and neither will ever get another teacher like him. That’s why he is so much favourite to me.

Paragraph on My Favourite Personality

My best personality of the world, Hazrat Muhammad (S.M), is the last prophet of Allah and the leader of all prophets. He is the greatest of man and teachers ever born of earths. He is the embodiment of all that is noble, pure and good.

The prophet Hazrat Muhammad (s.m) was born in the famous Quraish tribe of Mecca in 570 A.D. Before his birth, his father Abdullah died and his mother Amina died when he was only six. So in his infancy he became an orphan who was brought up by a nurse named Halima. He was handsome, of medium height, very active, walked rapidly which forced his companions to race to keep up with him.

People reported seeing light around his body and in his face, which they compared to the sun or the full moon. His skin was white and turned rosy from exposure to the sun. He had black eyes and a thick beard. Everybody believed him and called Al-Amen or the trusty one. The prophet taught the people the virtue of forgiveness. He advised them to do well to others and worship Allah.

The Qur’an was revealed to him by Allah and the Hadith which contains his sayings taught the Muslims many noble virtues. He always thought about the evils of Arab life which was dirty and barbering killing, robbery, injustice and barbarism prevailed everywhere in Arab.

This great and noble soul passed away in 632 A.D. at the age of 63. But his work and teachings remain and will be followed as long as the world lasts. He made Muslims brothers of one another, built a great nation and powerful state. At present one fifth of the people of the world are the followers of this great and noble prophet.
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