Preposition suggestion for HSC

1. Complete the text with suitable prepositions:
Uluru is located (a)--- central Australia. The place is also known (b)--- Ayers Rock (c)--- honour (d)--- Sir Henry Ayers, who was a Premier (e)--- South Australia (f)--- 1873. Uluru is listed (g)--- a World Heritage Area (h)--- both its natural and cultural values. It is a sacred place (i)--- the Aboriginal people (j)--- the area.

2. Complete the text with suitable prepositions:
The great ship Titanic sailed (a) — New York (b) — Southampton (c) — April 10, 1912. She was carrying 1316 passengers and a crew (d) — 891. At that time she was the largest ship and was regarded (e) — unsinkable. The tragic sinking (f) — this great ship will always be remembered because she went down (g) — her first voyage (h) — heavy loss (i) — life which was (j) — imagination.

3. Complete the text with suitable prepositions:
Corruption is a curse (a) --- a nation. It is a great hindrance (b) --- the development. (c) --- corrupt people, a nation will surely sink (d) --- oblivion. Corrupt people are hated by all. The common people have no respect (e) --- them. They are devoid (f) --- honesty. They stick (g) --- evil activities. They do not abide (h) --- the social rules. Morality does not have any effect (i) --- them. They bring nothing for the nation. It is high time we stood (j) --- them.
Preposition suggestion for HSC
4. Complete the text with suitable prepositions:
A craftwork in an applied form (a)---art, a social and cultural product reflecting the inclusive nature (b)---folk imagination. A craftwork, which usually doesn't bear the signature of its maker, retains a personal touch. When we look (c)---a thirty-year-old nakshikantha, we wonder (d)---its motifs and designs that point (e)--- the artistic ingenuity and the presence of the maker (f)---it. The fact that we don't know her name or any other details (g)---her doesn't take anything (h)---from our appreciation (i)---the artist. Indeed, the intimate nature ((j)---the kantha and the tactile feeling in it generates animate the work and make it very inviting.

5. Complete the text with suitable prepositions:
Patriotism is the quality inherent (a)--- a man. This is why, he feels a natural attachment (b)---his native land. Love (c)--- motherland is necessary for the betterment of a nation. The people who are patriotic are noted (d)---their patriotism. They are different (e)--- other people. Their contribution does not sink (f)---oblivion. They are worthy (g)--- praise. They lay down their lives for the good of the country. They are not unaware (h)--- their status in society. They are celebrated (i)--- their patriotism. They should not be looked down (j)--- in any way. 

6. Complete the text with suitable prepositions:
Preposition connects all types (a)--- words together and supports them make better sense (b)--- the readers. They help us to understand the relationship (c)--- objects. (d)--- example, the book and the table (e)--- the kitchen. This ensures you a basic understanding. If we add another preposition, it makes it even clearer. This book is (f)--- top of the table (g)--- the kitchen. We have a clear picture (h)---our mind (i)---the relation of those two objects and their relationship (j)---each other.

7. Complete the text with suitable prepositions:
The old grey-bearded sailor sat (a)--- a stone (b)---the church. The sailor watched the people walking (c)--- him. The marriage guest listened (d)--- him. He had a strange mad look (e)--- his eyes. The old man told him (f)--- his last journey (g)--- the sea. They had sailed away (h)--- the south (i)--- they arrived (j)--- cold grey seas.

8. Complete the text with suitable prepositions:
Trees are very useful (a)--- man. They are highly essential our (b) --- protect the rich topsoil (c)--- getting washed away (d)--- rainwater and floods. We can see trees being grown along the mountain slopes (e)--- the roadsides (f)--- the parks and gardens. They add beauty (g)---our lives. They provide us (h)--- food, wood, shade, shelter and so on. They take (i)--- carbon-di-oxide and produce oxygen. So we should take care (j)---trees.

9. Complete the text with suitable prepositions:
Do you have any idea (a)--- a cyber cafe? It's a place teeming (b)--- information. It's a network (c)--- all networks. It is a place (d)--- computers (e)--- which customers can use the internet and send e-mails and so on. A cyber cafe is closely associated (f)--- internet communication system. A customer sitting (g) --- the cafe can communicate (h) --- people (i) -- the world. In fact, a cyber cafe is not prejudicial (j)---- our development.

10. Complete the text with suitable prepositions:
The environment plays an important role (a)---our life. (b)--- short, what we have (c)--- us including people, houses, air, water etc. is called environment. These are the main elements (d)---our environment. (e)--- ensuing sound life the balance (f) --- the natural elements is very significant. Sometimes (g)--- lack of knowledge, we don't realise the importance (h)--- it. As a result, we are polluting our environment unknowingly. Living (i)---- a polluted environment is undoubtedly a matter (j)---great regret.

11Complete the text with suitable prepositions:
We got our freedom (a)--- the sacrifice of hundreds and thousands (b)--- lives. The patriots (c)--- our land fought (d)--- the oppression of the West Pakistani rulers. Finally, the oppressors were bound to surrender (e)--- our freedom fighters. But a great number (f)--- the sons of the land died (g)--- the war. Soon (h)--- the war, the government (i)--- Bangladesh founded the National Memorial (j) --- memory of the martyrs.

12. Complete the text with suitable prepositions:
A good stock (a)--- words is necessary (b)---anybody who wants to use a language. Vocabulary is an essential component (c)---successful communication. It is an integral part (d)--- reading skill. While grammar is important, a lack (e)--- vocabulary may result (f)--- complete failure to convey a message. Vocabulary includes conceptual knowledge (g)--- words that go well (h)--- an ordinary dictionary meaning. Students vocabulary knowledge is a building process that occurs (i)--- time as they tend to make connections (j)--- other words.

13. Complete the text with suitable prepositions:
Parents have desire (a) ––– bright future (b) ––– their children. They are ready to do anything which may be congenial (c) ––– the success (d) ––– their children. Every success (e) ––– their children makes them happy, and they become sanguine (f) ––– their bright future. But then the children do not pay heed (g) ––– the suggestions (h) ––– their parents and fail to move forward as the parents want. All their hopes end (i) ––– smoke. So children must be cautious (j) ––– it.

14. Complete the text with suitable prepositions:
An honest man is true (a) ––– his words. He does not deviate (b) ––– the path of honesty. He knows that true happiness consist (c) ––– honesty. So he does not fall victim (d) ––– greed. He does not hanker (e) ––– money. An honest man abstain himself (f) ––– corruption. He knows that dishonesty is detrimental (g) ––– all. He does not keep (h) ––– with corrupt people. He does not long (i) ––– wealth. An honest man will be rewarded (j) ––– the long run.

15. Complete the text with suitable prepositions:
The Freedom Fighters are the pride of the nation. In 1971, many of these great sons (a) ––– the soil sacrificed their lives (b) ––– the cause of the country and the countrymen. They were so deeply devoted (c) ––– the war of liberation that they had no time to complain (d) ––– the odds they had to go (e) –––. They are the martyrs. Death is a must (f) ––– all. Everyone has to yield (g) ––– death. Man may die (h) ––– a disease or (i) ––– an accident. He may also die (j) ––– overworking. But martyrdom differs from these types of ordinary death.

16. Complete the text with suitable prepositions:
Industry is the key (a) --- success. Nobody can succeed (b) --- life (c) --- industry. You have to work hard either (d) --- earning money or for acquiring knowledge. Those who work hard can move (e) --- success. Success (f) --- success makes them famous. They can change the lot (g) --- a nation. (h) --- the other hand, those who are idle always lag (i) ---. Prosperity remains (j) ---of their reach.
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