BCS English question solution (Part II)

The 44thBangladesh Civil Service (BCS) preliminary examination will be held on 27 May 2022. The test will be held simultaneously in Dhaka, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Barishal, Khulna, Sylhet, Chattogram and Mymensingh centers, according to a press release of Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) issued today.

The two-hour-long test has held from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. It’s most important and needs for all the exam candidate who is looking for 43st and all BCS Previous Year question solve.

35th BCS English questions solution


1. Who wrote the following lines – “All at once I saw / a crowd, a host of golden daffodils”?
A. Wordsworth✓
B. Shelly
C. Herrick
D. Keats

2. Who among the following writers is not a Nobel Laureate?
A. T.S. Elliot
B. Grahame Greene✓
C. Toni Morrison
D. William Faulkner

3. The play “Arms and the Man” is written by –
A. James Joyce
B. Arthur Miller
C. Samuel Beckett
D. George Bernard Shaw✓

4. The “climax” of a plot is what happens –
A. in the beginning
B. at the height✓
C. at the end
D. in the confrontation

5. Othello is a Shakespeare’s play about –
A. A Jew
B. A Turk
C. A Roman
D. A Moor✓

6. “Riders to the sea” is –
A. an epic poem.
B. a novella
C. a one-act play✓
D. a theatrical adaptation of a poem

7. Which of the following writers belong to the Elizabethan period?
A. Christopher Marlowe✓
B. John Dryden
C. Alexander Pope
D. Samuel Beckett

8. “To be, or not to be that is the question” – is a famous dialogue from –
A. Othello
B. Hamlet
C. Romeo and Juliet✓
D. Macbeth

9. Find the odd-man-out —
A. The Bluest Eye
B. As I Lay Dying✓
C. Sula
D. A Mercy

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10. Find the odd-man-out —
A. George Eliot✓
B. Joseph Conrad
C. Thomas Hardy
D. James Joyce


11. Which of the following words can be used as a verb?
A. Mister
B. Mistress
C. Master✓
D. Mastery

12. Which word is the determiner in the sentence “Will it take much time?” ?
A. will
B. much✓
C. take
D. time

13. He was a rather “disagreeable” man. Here the quoted word is a/an-
A. Noun
B. Adverb
C. Adjective✓
D. Preposition

14. I am in the process of collecting “material” for my story. The quoted word is —
A. Verb
B. Adverb
C. Noun✓
D. Adjective 

15. Depression if often “hereditary” . here the quoted word is —
A. Adverb
B. Noun
C. Adjective✓
D. Verb

16. The idiom “A stitch in time saves nine” — refers to the importance of –
A. saving lives
B. saving time
C. timely action✓
D. time tailoring

17. The phrase “nouveau riche” means —
A. Riche rich
B. New high class
C. Well off
D. New rich✓

18. What would be the right synonym for ‘initiative’?
A. apathy
B. enterprise✓
C. indolence
D. activity

19. It is time to review the “protocol” on testing nuclear weapons. Here the quoted word means-
A. Record of rules
B. Procedures✓
C. Summary of rules
D. Problems

20. The noise level in Dhaka city has increased “exponentially”. Here the quoted word means-
A. amazingly
B. steadily
C. shockingly
D. rapidly✓

21. Societies living in the “periphery” are always ignored. Here the quoted word means-
A. offshore areas
B. remote places
C. marginal areas✓
D. backward regions

22. What would be the best antonym of “hibernate”?
A. dormancy
B. sluggishness
C. liveliness✓
D. democracy

23. Let us begin by looking at ‘the minutes of the meeting’. Here the quoted word means—
A. time record
B. written record✓
C. time frame
D. written analysis

24. relationship similar to “Harm:Damage”?
A. Sweet:Sour
B. Stout:Week
C. Injure:Incapacitate✓
D. Hook:Crook

25. Cricket enjoys a huge ….. in Bangladesh.
A. follow on
B. follow
C. fall out
D. following✓

26. The film was directed in the director’s usual …. style.
A. confusion
B. personifying
C. idosyncratic✓
D. purifying

27. This could have worked if I ….. been more far-sighted.
A. have
B. had✓
C. might
D. would

28. In the 18th Century, the Mughal Empire begun to ……
A. discriminate
B. differentiate
C. disintegrate✓
D. dislocate

29. Being fat does not necessarily kill you, but it —- the risk that you will suffer from nasty diseases.
A. increases✓
B. encourages
C. emphasizes
D. involves

30. — song haunted me for a long time.
A. These
B. Thus
C. That✓
D. Those

31. Women are too often — by family commitments.
A. confused
B. contaminated
C. controlled
D. constrained✓

32. Class relations and societal conflict is the key understanding of –
A. Feminism
B. Structuralism
C. Formalism
D. Marxism✓

33. Which is the correct sentence?
A. He insisted on seeing her.✓
B. He insisted for seeing her.
C. He insisted in seeing her.
D. He insisted to be seeing her.

33th BCS questions and answers

1. The expression ‘take into account’ means_
A. count numbers
B. consider✓
C. think seriously
D. assess

2. Choose the best translation of ‘কর্তপক্ষ তাকে তিরস্কার করল’ from the alternative below_
A. The authorities criticised him.
B. The authorities took him to book.
C. The authorities gave reins to him.
D. The authorities took him to task.✓

3. ‘Such claim needs to be tested empirically’ suggest that-
A. The test should be based on assumption.
B. The test should be based on idea.
C. The test should be based on experience.✓
D. The test should be based on calculation.

4. The idiom ‘put up with’ means –
A. stay together
B. tolerate✓
C. keep trust
D. protect

5. In many ways, riding a bicycle is similar to –
A. driving a car✓
B. when one drives a car
C. the driving of a car
D. when we drive a car

6. Pick appropriate preposition for the following sentence: Noureeneen will discuss the issue with Nasir ___ phone.
A. in
B. over✓
C. by
D. on

7. Put appropriate preposition for the below:
Some writer sink __ oblivion in course of time.
A. on
B. from
C. under
D. into✓

8. “Call to mind” means_
A. fantasize
B. attend
C. remember✓
D. request

9. “Pass away” means
A. disappear
B. die✓
C. erase
D. fall

10. Pick the word that is synonymous with ‘authoritarian’
A. autocratic✓
B. senior
C. elderly
D. potential

11. The word “permissive” implies_
A. humble
B. law-abiding
C. liberal✓
D. submissive

12. Pick the correct part to fill in the following sentence: Each of the sons followed __ father’s trade.
A. their
B. her
C. whose
D. his✓

13. ‘Subject – verb agreement’ refers to –
A. person only
B. number, person and gender
C. number and person✓
D. number only

14. The only error in the sentence, ‘One of the recommendation made by the committee was accepted by the authorities’ is –
A. recommendation✓
B. was
C. accepted by
D. committee

15. ‘The French’ refers to –
A. The French people✓
B. the French Language
C. the French manners
D. the French society

16. If a person cannot stop taking drugs, he or she is –
A. attached to them
B. committed to them
C. addicted to them✓
D. devoted to them

17. The word ‘officialese’ means –
A. plural number of official
B. language used in offices✓
C. plural number of offices
D. vague expressions

18.  The verb ‘Succumb’ means –
A. achieve
B. submit✓
C. win
D. conquer 

19. Fill in the blank with appropriate part:- We look forward ____ a response from you.
A. to receiving✓
B. to receive
C. in receiving
D. for receiving

20. If a part of a speech or writing breaks the theme, it is called –
A. pomposity
B. digression✓
C. exaggeration
D  anti-climax

32th BCS questions and answers

1. To ‘raise ones brows’ indicate-
A. annoyance
B. disapproval✓
C. indifference
D. surprise✓

Choose a suitable word/phrase to fill in the blanks of the given sentences:
2. Travelers — their reservation well in advance if they want to visit the St. Martins island.
A. had better to get
B. had to better get
C. had better get✓
D. had better got

3. After food has been dried or canned — for later consumption.
A. it should be stored✓
B. that it should be stored
C. should be stored
D. which should be stored

Identify the incorrect word/phrase:
4. A doctor may be able “to diagnose” a problem “perfect” but he may not able to find a drug “to which” the patient “will respond”
A. to diagnose
B. perfect✓
C. to which
D. will respond

5. According to experts a good way “to” “improve” listening skill in “by” “watch” television, specially news and documentaries.
A. to
B. improve
C. by
D. watch✓

6. ‘Every’ man or woman ‘should’ vote ‘for’ the candidate of ‘their’ choice.
A. Every
B. should
C. for
D. their✓

Select the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the given sentence:
7. “We were no more surprised than Rahman”
A. We were less surprised than Rahman
B. We were all surprised
C. Rahman was less surprised than us
D. We were as surprised as Rahman✓

8. “Not once has our neighbour invited us into his house.”
A. Our neighbour has invited us into his house not once but many times.
B. Our neighbour has never invited us into his house.✓
C. Occasionally our neighbour has invited us into his house.
D. Our neighbour has not always invites us into his house.

Choose the meaning of the given expression:
9. “No news is good news”
A. It is likely that we expect bad news.
B. It is likely to have bad news.
C. It is likely that nothing bad has happened.✓
D. It is unlikely that nothing bad has happened.

10. “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.”
A. Take what you have got readily available✓ rather than expecting better in the future.
B. The seen is better than the unseen.
C. Promises are better than actuals.
D. It is no good beating about the bush.

11. The sentence “Who would have thought Shylock was so unkind” expresses_
A. hyperbole
B. interrogation
C. command
D. wonder✓

Choose the correct synonym for_
12. “Extempore”
A. Planned
B. Improvise
C. Impromptu✓
D. Immediate

13. “Menacing”
A. Encouraging
B. Alarming✓
C. Promising
D. Auspicious

Choose the correct antonym for
14. “Oblige”
A. Bind
B. Bother
C. Require
D. Censure✓

15. “Cynical” –
A. Pessimistic
B. Gullible
C. Equivocal
D. Liberal✓

Choose the word/phrase that best retains the meaning of the underlined word/phrase in the given sentences:
16. Despite being a brilliant scientist, he does not seem to “get his ideas across”
A. make his ideas understood✓
B. get his ideas down pat
C. summarise his ideas
D. put together his ideas

17. What may be considered “courteous” in one culture may be arrogant in another.
A. flimsy
B. coarse
C. gracious✓
D. friendly

Choose the pair of words that expresses a relationship similar to that of the given pair:
A. Laws: Policeman
B. Butcher: baker✓
C. Chalk: black board
D. Joy: emotion

19. Patron:Support
A. spouse:divorce
B. Artist:imitation
C. Counselor:advice✓
D. Restaurant:customer

20. Heart::Human
A. Wall::Brick
B. Hand::Child
C. Kitchen::House
D. Engine::Car✓

31th BCS English questions and answers

In each of the following questions, out of the given alternatives, choose the one that best expresses the meaning of the given word:
1. Sporadic_
A. Consistent
B. Uniform
C. Frequent
D. Scattered✓

2. Omnipotent_
A. Feeble
B. Supreme✓
C. Impotent
D. Vulnerable

In each of the following questions, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word:
3. Repeal
A. Abolish
B. Enact✓
C. Annul
D. Nullify

4. Equity
A. Uprightness
B. Justice
C. Integrity
D. Bias✓

In each of the following questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given word/sentence:
5. A formal composition or speech expressing high praise of somebody-
A. elegy
B. eulogy✓
C. caricature
D. exaggeration

6. The word ‘Shrug’ indicating doubt or indifference is associated with-
A. Shoulders✓
B. Head
C. Forehead
D. Eyebrows

Fill in the blanks in the following sentences by selecting the most appropriate alternative:
7. He is quite _ in dealing with people.
A. unsubtle
B. imprudent
C. diplomatic✓
D. impolite

8. They suffered much _ tornado had hit their village.
A. until
B. since✓
C. as if
D. let alone

One of the four sentences, given below is grammatically wrong. 
9. Choose the wrong sentence:
A. The land is belonged to an old lady.
B. They parted from one another suddenly.
C. The leader expressed himself forcibly.
D. Mother bought me an ice-cream.

10. Choose the wrong sentence:
A. He was always arguing with his brother
B. His failure resulted for lack of attention✓
C. When will you write to him about your plan?
D. Who was the boy you were all laughing at?

11. Choose the correctly spelt word:-
B. Volantary
C. Voluntary✓
D. Voluntory

12. Choose the correctly spelt word:-
A. Accilerate
B. Accelerate✓
C. Accelerrate
D. Accilarate

13. Choose the correctly spelt word:-
A. Tsunami✓
B. Sunami
C. Suname
D. Sunamce

Of the four alternatives, find the one that best fits into the blanks space:

14. Which living in poverty,the poet had to _ a great deal of sufferings.
A. see through
B. put up with✓
C. pass by
D. fall back

15. _ his earlier study,the Professor’s new study indicates a general warning trend in global weather.
A. In contrast of
B. In contrast to✓
C. In contrast by
D. In contrast as

16. Wordsworth introduced the readers _ a new kind of poetry.
A. with
B. at
C. to✓
D. by

17. Only those who are not serious to their success work by _ and start.
A. long odds
B. against time
C. every inch
D. fits✓

Of the four alternatives given below, choose the word/words that best fits into the underlined word given in the sentence:
18. ‘One day women will have what has so long been denied them _ leisure, money and “room” to themselves’.
A. Space✓
B. Liberty
C. Office
D. Capacity

19. Crafty men “condemn” studies, simple men admire them and wise men use them.
A. Denounce✓
B. Laud
C. Compliment
D. Acclaim

The following idiom is following by some alternatives. Choose the one that best expresses its meaning.
20. To end in smoke-
A. To create fire
B. To go through suffering
C. To come to nothing✓
D. To see fire
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