Dangers of Smoking

It goes without saying that smoking is a dangerously bad habit. It causes many fatal diseases. It causes cancer, heart attack, chronic bronchitis and some other diseases.

One puff of cigarette contains fifteen billion particles of injurious matters. Nicotine is one of them. It prevents the free flow of blood through the veins.
Dangers of Smoking
This reduces the supply of oxygen in the body. It damages our lungs. People addicted to smoking lose their appetite for food and energy for power.

Smoking also pollutes the environment and the air, Besides, it causes irritation in the eye, offends the nose and unsettles the mind. Smoking is so dangerous that the stench of cigarette is repulsive to a non smoker.

Moreover, it wastes a lot of money. We are very fortunate that there is no smoker in our family. It is very essential to ban smoking in public places so that smokers can not do any harm to non-smokers.
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