Road Accidents in Bangladesh paragraph

Road accident is a crash that occurs on a road. It may happen when a vehicle is in collision with another vehicle. Sometimes, road accident occurs when a vehicle falls into a roadside ditch or turns turtle.

It is a common occurrence in Bangladesh. It occurs for some specific reasons. Reckless driving contributes to most of the accidents. Sometimes drivers lose their control over the steering wheels that leads to accidents. Violation of traffic rules also account for road accidents. Inadequate traffic rules and inefficient traffic policemen are sometimes responsible for road accidents as well.

Narrow roads create hindrances to the smooth movement of vehicles that cause accidents. Overloaded transports and mechanical failures are also the cause of fatal accidents. We can effectively minimize road accidents by properly addressing all these issues.
Road Accidents in Bangladesh paragraph
A road accident causes enormous losses including major and minor physical injuries, psychological trauma, disability, and even death to the victims. It also causes material losses as the victims need treatment and the vehicles need repairing. Undoubtedly, a road accident leaves devastating effects on the individuals and their family. In the long run, road accidents affect the country's national economy.

In recent times, however, we have seen an overwhelming protest against those who are responsible for road accidents. Young people, especially the high school students, took many temporary initiatives to curb the disoriented systems on the streets.

Many of them even took the role of traffic police. If the pedestrians and drivers are properly made aware of the effects of road accidents, we could avoid such unfortunate events in the future.

So, the government must enforce strict laws and take stern steps to check accidents that claim thousands of lives each year.

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