Floods in Bangladesh paragraph

Floods in Bangladesh Flood means overflow of water. It is a natural calamity. Flood occurs in Bangladesh almost every year. When it takes place, it weakens our hopes of prosperity. It is like a curse from nature on us. The causes of flood are many.

In our country, flood is caused mainly due to heavy rainfall, blockage of water and release of too much water from the Farakka Barrage. Flood may also be caused by high tide, melting of snow from mountains etc.

Flood causes great havoc and sufferings to millions of people. Huts and cattle are washed away, crops are damaged and many lives and properties are wiped out. People take shelter on the high roads, in schools and colleges. Again, after the flood, various kinds of diseases such as cholera, dysentery, diarrhoea break out in the flood affected areas.
Floods in Bangladesh paragraph
Many people become homeless. After losing everything, many poor people move here and there for work. Many people become jobless. The economy of the country also becomes weak and miserable. There is a scarcity of food, clothes and drinking water everywhere.

Flood creates different kinds of socio-economic crises in the society. The silted up beds of our rivers should be excavated for carrying more water. Proper embankments should be constructed along the banks of the rivers. By following these measures, we can control flood.

However, flood also does some good to us . It makes our lands fertile by carrying silt. Crops grow in plenty on the fertile land. It washes away filth and dirt. Every year, flood causes a huge loss to our country. We must find out some effective and permanent measures to control flood.

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