The Way of the World character list

Character List

Mirabell: A young man-about-town, in love with Millamant.

Millamant: A young, very charming lady, in love with, and loved by, Mirabell. She is the ward of
Lady Wishfort because she is the niece of Lady Wishfort's long-dead husband. She is a first cousin of Mrs. Fainall.

Fainall: A man-about-town. He and Mirabell know each other well, as people do who move in
the same circles. However, they do not really like each other. Fainall married his wife for her money.

Mrs. Fainall: Wife of Fainall and daughter of Lady Wishfort. She was a wealthy young widow when she married Fainall. She is Millamant's cousin and was Mirabell's mistress, presumably after her first husband died.

Mrs. Marwood: Fainall's mistress. It does appear, however, that she was, and perhaps still is, in love with Mirabell. This love is not returned.

Young Witwoud A fop: He came to London from the country to study law but apparently found the life of the fashionable man-about-town more pleasant. He has pretensions to being a wit. He courts Millamant, but not seriously; she is merely the fashionable belle of the moment.

Petulant A young fop: A friend of Witwoud's. His name is indicative of his character.

Lady Wishfort: A vain woman, fifty-five years old, who still has pretensions to beauty. She is the
mother of Mrs. Fainall and the guardian of Millamant. She is herself in love with Mirabell, although she is now spiteful because he offended her vanity.

Sir Wilfull Witwoud: Sir Wilfull Witwoud The elder brother of Young Witwoud, he is forty years old and is planning the grand tour of Europe that was usually made by young men to complete their education. He is Lady Wishfort's nephew, a distant, non-blood relative of Millamant's, and Lady Wishfort's choice as a suitor for Millamant's hand.

Waitwell: Waitwell Mirabell's valet. At the beginning of the play, he has just been married to Foible, Lady Wishfort's maid. He masquerades as Sir Rowland, Mirabell's nonexistent uncle, and woos Lady Wishfort.

Foible: Foible Lady Wishfort's maid, married to Waitwell.

Mincing: Mincing Millamant's maid.

Peg: Peg A maid in Lady Wishfort's house.
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