Importance of Media paragraph

Media are means of transmitting information, which play important roles in different fields. Firstly, media inform us about various happenings around the world.

Secondly, media raise our awareness. We can understand what is wrong and what is right from the facts, figures and news provided by media.

Thirdly, media play a constructive role by raising voice against social evils like corruption, dowry, gender discrimination, eve-teasing, early marriage, drug addiction, child labour, etc.

Fourthly, educating society is one of the most important role of media. For example, we can learn much about health and hygiene form media. Again, media teach us about our rights and responsibilities.

Fifthly, media play a vital role in trade and commerce. Advertisements and reviews on different products in media help trading and commercial transactions a lot.

Sixthly, media provide us with a lot of entertainments. We can enjoy live telecast of entertaining programmes , sports events etc through different media.

Finally, media work as a '‘watch dog’ of social justice and help to form public opinion. Therefore, media have become an important part of our life as well as society.

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