Early Marriage paragraph

Early marriage means the marriage of a boy or a girl before he or she becomes an adult. According to the existing law in Bangladesh, the marriageable minimum age for males is 21 and females 18 years.

So marriage for a male person or a female person before that age is considered early marriage or child marriage. Poverty, illiteracy and religious prejudices are the main causes of early marriage.

Social attitude and cultural environment also increase early marriage. In most cases poor parents marry their daughters off early. In solvent family also, girls are often married off before they reach adulthood.

In the present socio-economic condition parents are concerned about the marriage of their daughters. It seems that daughters are born in a family only to get married. Early marriage causes a lot of problems for a girl. When a girl is married early, two major things happen.

First, her education is stopped, and she cannot build up her career properly. Second, she suffers from ill health. If a girl is pregnant in early age, she suffers from various health problems. She runs the risk of even losing her life.

Moreover, when a girl in early age gives birth to a child, the baby usually becomes weak and sickly. On the other hand, if a male person marries early, he cannot build up his career properly.

So it is important to prevent early marriage or child marriage for the betterment of our social and family life.

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