Uses and Abuses of Satellite TV Channels paragraph

Satellite TV Channels are the gifts of modern science and technology. They have many uses. The first and foremost benefit of these channels is that they give us knowledge and information most efficiently.

They provide people with 24 hours news service and inform of the current affairs of the world. Various channels like Discovery, National Geography, History etc. telecast reports on new discoveries, animal world, weather, agriculture, world heritage etc.

Besides, they telecast various educative programmes. Secondly, satellite TV channels give us entertainment. They telecast cultural programmes, movies, dramas, live sports etc. which are really entertaining.

Thirdly, satellite TV channels have a positive impact on our trade and commerce. Through business programmes and commercial advertisements, we can know the condition of world business.

Fourthly, satellite TV channels enable us to come in close contact with different cultures of the world. This opportunity enhances human understanding and promotes global peace. On the other hand, satellite TV channels have some negative impacts, too.

Firstly, they may impose aggression of foreign culture on our native culture. Secondly, vulgar and nude programmes on these channels may demoralize our young generation.

Thirdly, many young people become addicted to watching various programmes on Satellite TV Channels. Even many adults are found to spend too much time on TV watching. This trend kills their valuable time.

However, nothing can be out and out good. So, we should use positive sides and avoid anything harmful of these channels.

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