Our College Library paragraph

A college library is a collection of books and other reading materials. Students can study in a college library. They also can take books and keep them at home for a particular time.

A college library is a part and parcel of a college. We have a rich library in our college, and I feel proud of it. It is housed in a separate building. It is well furnished.

There is a spacious reading room which is divided into two parts by a collapsible separation. One is meant for the teachers and the other is for the students.

In our library, there are many books on different subjects. They are kept in separate shelves according to subjects. Novels, political works, science fictions, story books and biographies are available in it.

Besides, we have some rare collection of reference books such as dictionaries on Bangla, English and Arabic. We can take two or three books at a time and can keep them for a week. But in the reading room we can read as many books as we like to read.

Our library has a good collection of books and every year at least one hundred new books are bought. The library is kept open from 9 am to 5 p.m except on holidays.

It is managed well by a librarian. Our college library contributes a lot in our learning process. We are really proud of our college library.

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