A Study Tour paragraph

Write a paragraph on ‘A Study Tour’ in about 200 words based on the answers to the following questions.

(a) What does 'A Study Tour' mean?
(b) Which places are generally selected for a study tour?
(c) Where did you go on your last study tour?
(d) How did you go there?
(e) Do you think that study tour is necessary for a student?
A study tour paragraph
To enhance the general knowledge of the students, educational institutions arrange tour to the significant places of the country. Such type of tour is known as study tour. It is part of education. It broadens the outlook of our mind and experience.

There are many historical and beautiful places in our country which are selected for a study tour like Shatgambuj Mosque, Sundarbans, Buddist Vihara, Cox's Bazar sea-beach etc. A couple of months back, our college arranged a study tour for us and we went on a 5 day study tour. We were about 50, including our three teachers. Our college hired a big bus for the tour.

On the first day of our tour, we visited Mainamoti, Shalban Vihara and the museum. On the second day, we reached Cox's Bazar sea-beach. I walked on the beach and enjoyed the musical murmuring sound of the sea.

We spent the next two days visiting the hilly areas of Rangamati and Bandarban. We also visited some tribal people and came to know many interesting things about their lifestyle and society. We took photograph of various sights. We started our return journey on the fifth day.

On the way we visited Chittagong sea-port and Karnafuli Electricity Project. Visiting these places, we gathered much practical knowledge. I think that study tour is necessary for every student. It refreshes our mind and enriches our knowledge.

Again, a study tour helps a student to know about the unknown. So, every student should go on a study tour.
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