Importance of Education paragraph

(a) What is education?
(b) What are the functions of education?
(c) How do we become productive members of society?
(d) How does education enable us to get out of narrow mentality?
(e) How can nature be our best teacher?
(f) How can education enable us to live happily?


Education is an integral part of human life and civilization. Without education, we cannot live a happy and prosperous life.

Education empowers us with knowledge and a set of abilities to work meaningfully like the ability to judge things rationally and make the right choices. With the increase of our knowledge and skill, our self-confidence gets stronger. Education enables us to think independently and make our own opinions.

In the process of our knowing the world, we appreciate the good things, but also critically observe the deviations or depravities from the social values and protest against them. When we begin school, we gradually develop a sense of belonging to the class and make friends.

This sense of belonging gets expanded to include the school at large, our community and finally our country. Education thus develops in every child a sense of connectedness to their community and motivates them to work for its overall well-being.
Importance of Education paragraph
Education develops our potentials and our spirits. It makes our intellect acute and develops our creative power. As in the process, we learn to think rationally and reasonably, we can solve the problems of life.

Thus, we become productive members of society. Education intrinsically being progressive and liberal, teaches us to respect individual differences and cultural and religious diversity. Education developing our reason, we can embrace new ideas liberally. Thus, we can get out of our narrow and restrictive mentality. 

Education also developing our critical thinking and providing us a set of competencies including life skills, we can face the most challenging circumstances with a competitive spirit. Education makes us look at nature in a thoughtful way. In the process, we appreciate beauty and the bounties of nature.

However, school is not the only place where we get education. Education is a lifelong process and we learn from our family, society, workplaces, etc.

A Bangla poem tells us that nature can be our best teacher. The sky with its infinity of its space or size and its service to all creatures on earth teaches us to be liberal while the wind blowing continuously and tirelessly over the earth teaches us to be industrious.

Apart from enriching us with knowledge, abilities and skills, education teaches us values, Individual, interpersonal organizational or societal. Good education develops our self-respect and teaches us to respect others. We can appreciate the importance of honesty, and learn to trust others.

In short, it enables us to live happily and beautifully on this earth. So, the importance of education in our life is too great to describe.
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