Assertive to Imperative exercise

1. Assertive: You read the book.
Imperative: Read the book.

2. Assertive: She wants to go out.
Imperative: Let her go out.

3. Assertive: We do not look down upon the poor.
Imperative: Let's not look down upon the poor.

4. Assertive: You should not kill your time.
Imperative: Don't kill your time.
Assertive to Imperative exercise with answer
5. Assertive: He plays football.
Imperative: Let him play football.

6. Assertive: We should go out.
Imperative: Let's go out.

7. Assertive: You will help my brother, please.
Imperative: Please help me.

8. Assertive: You should think before you leap.
Imperative: Think before you leap.

9. Assertive: You ought to obey your parents.
Imperative: Obey your parents.

10. Assertive: Johnny did not tell a lie.
Imperative: Let Johnny not tell a lie.

11. Assertive: You do not go out.
Imperative: Don't go out.

12. Assertive: Would you post the letter for me, please?
Imperative: Please, post the letter for me.

13. Assertive: You should not go out in cold weather.
Imperative: Don't go out in cold weather.

14. Assertive: We shall never tell a lie.
Imperative: Never tell a lie.

15. Assertive: Let him be warned.
Imperative: Warn him.

16. Assertive: You open the door.
Imperative: Please, open the door.
Or, Open the door, please.

17. Assertive: One should not ignore one’s duty.
Imperative: Let one not ignore one’s duty.

18. Assertive: I shall not miss the class.
Imperative: Let me not miss the class.

19. Assertive: I look after my parents.
Imperative: Let me look after my parents.

20. Assertive: He does not want it.
Imperative: Let him not want it.

Assertive to Imperative exercise with answers

21. Assertive: Elizabeth does not tell a lie.
Imperative: Let not Elizabeth tell a lie.

22. Assertive: You should always speak the truth.
Imperative: Always speak the truth.

23. Assertive: You never ought to disobey the rules.
Imperative: Never disobey the rules.

24. Assertive: You are advised to read the whole book.  
Imperative: Read the whole book.

25. Assertive: I request you to give me a glass of water.
Imperative: Please, give me a glass of water.
Or, Give me a glass of water, please.

26. Assertive: You are requested to help me.
Imperative: Please, help me. Or, Help me, please.

27. Assertive: If you do not hurry up you will miss the bus.
Imperative: Hurry up or you will miss the bus.

28. Assertive: You are asked to leave the room.
Imperative: Please, leave the room.

29. Assertive: I asked you to stand up.
Imperative: Please, stand up.

30. Assertive: I request you not to make a noise.
Imperative: Please, do not make a noise.

31. Assertive: Would you post the letter for me, please?
Imperative: Please, post the letter for me.

32. Assertive: He should be warned. 
Imperative: Let him be warned.

33. Assertive: Will you help my brother, please?
Imperative: Please, help my brother.

34. Assertive: You should have patience in danger. Imperative: Have patience in danger.

35. Assertive: You should cut your coat according to your clothes.
Imperative: Cut your coat according to your clothes.

36. Assertive: You should take care of your health.
Imperative: Take care of your health.

37. Assertive: You should beware of pickpockets. Beware of pickpockets.
Imperative: Beware of pickpockets.

38. Assertive: You should oil your own machine.
Imperative: Oil your own machine.

39. Assertive: I desire you to lend me your pen, please.
Imperative: Lend me your pen, please.

40. Assertive: I propose that we should go out for a walk.
Imperative: Let us go out for a walk.

41. Assertive: You should not lament your past. Imperative: Don't lament your past.

42. Assertive: You should not live above your means. Imperative: Don't live above your means.

43. Assertive: You should not waste your invaluable time.
Imperative: Don't waste your invaluable time.

Assertive to imperative exercise with answers pdf

1. Assertive: She reads a book.
Imperative: Read a book.

2. Assertive: They are watching TV.
Imperative: Watch TV.

3. Assertive: He writes a letter.
Imperative: Write a letter.

4. Assertive: I am cooking dinner.
Imperative: Cook dinner.

5. Assertive: We have a task to complete.
Imperative: Complete the task.

6. Assertive: The dog barks loudly.
Imperative: Bark loudly.

7. Assertive: She is singing a song.
Imperative: Sing a song.

8. Assertive: They are solving the puzzle.
Imperative: Solve the puzzle.

9. Assertive: He studies for the exam.
Imperative: Study for the exam.

10. Assertive: I am cleaning the room.
Imperative: Clean the room.

11. Assertive: She is playing the piano.
Imperative: Play the piano.

12. Assertive: They are eating lunch.
Imperative: Eat lunch.

13. Assertive: He writes a book.
Imperative: Write a book.

14. Assertive: I am studying for the test.
Imperative: Study for the test.

15. Assertive: We have a meeting at 2 PM.
Imperative: Have a meeting at 2 PM.

Transform the following sentences into Imperative ones:

Try Yourself

1. You should strike the iron while it is hot.
2. You should make hay while the sun shines.
3. You should not find fault with others.
4. You are asked never to tell a lie.
5. You are desired to respect your teachers.
6. You are wanted to call in a doctor.
7. You should not run about in the rain.
8. You should not make a noise in the class.
9. I request you to put out the lamp.
10. You should provide against the rainy day.
11. You should do it or you should die.
12. You should not spit on the floor.
13. You should not laugh at the poor.

Assertive to imperative exercise pdf

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