The Frog and the Ox Story

A big frog once lived in a small pond. Because he was the biggest creature in the pond, the frog decided he must also be the biggest thing in the world. As he sunned himself on his lily pad, he puffed out his chest with pride.
The Frog and the Ox Story
“No one anywhere is bigger than I am,” he thought.

One day a huge ox came to drink at the pond. The frog was amazed, but he refused to be impressed.

“I suppose you think you are big,” the frog called out to the ox. “But I want you to know that I can make myself just as big as you.”

The ox did not reply. He just kept on drinking. “If you don’t believe me,” shouted the frog, “just watch!”

The frog took a deep breath and blew himself up to twice his usual size. But still, the ox paid no attention to him.

“So, that’s not big enough for you?” croaked the frog. Very well, I’ll make myself bigger still.” He blew himself up even larger.

Again the ox said nothing. He simply turned away and headed for the other side of the pond. He had had enough to drink. This made the frog furious. 

Taking an enormous breath, he blew…and blew…and blew himself up until he burst. And that was the end of the big frog in the small pond. 
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