Barishal Board English Question Solution 2024

1. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the forms of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once:
female, organs, on, prevail, allow, no, cause, bites, breed, a
Dengue fever is (a) --- tropical virus-infected disease. It is (b) --- in more than 110 countries. It is (c) --- by dengue virus. The fever is spread by (d) --- Aedes mosquitoes. When the mosquito (e) --- a man, the virus enters the blood cell, grows-rapidly and attacks many(f) --- of the body. There is (g) --- specific medicine to treat dengue infection. So, we must put emphasis (h) --- preventive measures. For this we must keep our surroundings clean to stop (i) --- of Aedes mosquitoes. Again we must not (j) --- to accumulate water in any open space for more than two days.

Answer: (a) a; (b) prevailing; (c) caused; (d) female; (e) bites; (f) organs; (g) no; (h) on; (i) breeding; (j) allow.
Barishal Board English Question Solution 2024
2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words:
Our forests are a part of our environment. To (a) --- ecological balance, forests are necessary. But the amount of forests of the country (b) --- being shrunk day by day. Some people remain (c) --- with their personal benefits. They do not (d) --- of the environment. Trees produce oxygen and (e) --- the environment cool and prevent the rise of temperature. Whereas, some greedy people, out of their self-interest, (f) --- the forests by cutting down trees at (g) ---. They should know and realize that indiscriminate (h) --- down of trees destroys the ecological balance. They should also realize that if this destruction (i) --- one day our country may turn into a desert. We hope that they will ultimately realize the (j) ---.

Answer: (a) maintain; (b) is; (c) busy; (d) think; (e) keep; (f) are destroying/destroy; (g) random; (h) cutting; (i) continues; (j) consequence

4. Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box:
throw, kill, work, have, release, be, ensure, live, originate, pollute
Rivers generally (a) --- from a mountain or a lake. They(b) --- very much important for our existence and economy. But unfortunately we are (c) --- our rivers by throwing industrial and domestic wastes. Most of the industries (d) --- waste treatment plants. These kinds of industries are (e) --- liquid wastes and continuously (f) --- the water. Our unconscious people also (g) --- different kinds of waste materials into rivers. So, to keep the existence of fishes and other species (h) --- in the water is impossible. It is high time the government and the people (i) --- together to save the rivers. Otherwise, a happy, prosperous, and pollution-free environment can't be (j) ---- for the next generation.

Answer: (a) originate; (b) are; (c) killing; (d) do not have; (e) releasing; (f) polluting; (g) throw; (h) living; (i) worked; (j) ensured

5. Change the narrative style of the following text:
"What are you reading?" Rifat said to Sifat. "I am reading an interesting drama written by Shakespeare. What an interesting drama it is! I have collected it from our school library," said Sifat. "Please lend me the book", said Rifat.

Answer: Rifat asked Sifat what he (S) was reading. Sifat replied that he (S) was reading an interesting drama by Shakespeare and exclaimed with wonder that it was a very interesting drama. He also said that he had collected that from their school library. Rifat requested him (S) to lend him (R) the book.

6. Change the sentences according to directions:
(a) The Padma is one of the mightiest rivers of Bangladesh. (Positive)

(b) It is a very turbulent river. (Exclamatory)

(c) When it is winter, the river remains calm and tranquil. (Simple)

(d) But during the rainy season, the river assumes a terrible shape. (Compound)

(e) Everybody knows this. (Interrogative)

(f) The river is used for different purposes. (Active)

(g) As our farmers use its water for irrigation purpose, they can grow plenty of crops. (Compound)

(h) Everyone likes the Hilsa fish of the river. (Negative)

(i) The river destroys the houses of men but it is still very useful to us. (Complex)

(j) So, we should save this useful river. (Imperative)

(a) Few/ Very few rivers of Bangladesh are as mighty as the Padma.
(b) What a turbulent river it is!
(c) In winter, the river remains calm and tranquil.
(d) It is the rainy season and the river assumes a terrible shape.
(e) Who doesn't know this?
(f) People use the river for different purposes.
(g) Our farmers use its water for irrigation purpose and they can grow plenty of crops.
(h) Who doesn't like the Hilsa fish of the river?
(i) Though the river destroys the houses of men, it is very useful to us.
(j) Let's save this useful river.

7. Complete the following sentences:
(a) Since Bangladesh is an agricultural country, many people work in this sector.

(b) As its economy depends on agriculture, we have to give more importance on it.

(c)We have to develop our cultivation so that we can enrich our economy.

(d) Despite working hard, our farmers do not get what they deserve.

(e) Steps should be taken to improve their condition because they are the golden sons of the country.

8. Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis:
Everybody wants to be happy. But (a) --- (happy) is not attained so (b) --- (easy) . It is a relative term. A man with huge wealth may remain (c) --- (happy) Whereas a day labourer may get ample (d) --- (happy) if he has (e) --- (satisfy) over the (f) --- (limit) money he earns everyday. (g)--- (actual) , for being happy or unhappy, a man is (h) --- (psychology) motivated. So, it (i) --- (full) depends on one's (j) ---- (mental).

Answer: (a) happiness; (b) easily; (c) unhappy; (d) happiness; (e) satisfaction; (f) limited; (g) Actually; (h) Psychologically; (i) fully; (j) mentality

9. Make tag questions of the following statements:

(a) Industry is the key to success, isn't it?

(b) The industrious are prosperous, aren't they?

(c) They hardly suffer from poverty, do they?

(d) On the other hand, idleness is a curse, isn't it?

(e) The idle seldom prosper, do they?

11. Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text:
the old woman said can you give me some food i have been starving for three days the young man said why do you beg cant you work

Answer: The old woman said, "Can you give me some food? I have been starving for three days." The young man said, "Why do you beg? Can't 't you work?"
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