Chattagram Board English Question Solution 2024

1. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need 0 to change the form of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once.
about, between, of, basic, no, educate, almost, right, will, light

Education removes our ignorance and gives us the (a) --- of knowledge. In respect (b) --- imparting education there should be (c) --- discrimination (d) --- man and woman. Education is one of the (e) --- human rights. If we deprive woman of the (f) --- of education (g) --- half of our population (h) --- remain in darkness. No development can be brought (i) --- without the participation of women. So, the government is doing everything to (j) --- the womenfolk.

Answer: (a) light (b) of (c) no (d) between (e) basic (f) right (g) almost (h) will (i) about (j) educate
Chattagram Board English Question Solution 2024
2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words. Use only one word for each gap.
Modern civilization is the (a) --- of science. Science has worked (b) --- a magician in the world. We can't do even a (c) --- day without the help of science. Many quick means (d) --- communication like telephone, telex, fax, telegram, satellite, etc. are (e) --- greatest wonders of science. Nowadays, a message can be sent from one corner of the world to another in the twinkle of (f) --- eye. Science has brought a revolutionary (g) --- in all fields. In the field of medical science, (h) --- has got eyes, lame has got legs, deaf has got hearing power, (i) --- diseases which were incurable in the past are now easily (j) ----.

Answer: (a) gift/blessing/outcome; (b) like/as; (c) single; (d) of; (e) the (f) an; (g) change; (h) blind; (i) the/many/some; (j) curable

4. Complete the following text with the right forms of the verbs given in the box. You can use one verb more than once:
command, prepare, claim, memorize, develop, help, do, think, make, exercise

Most of the students of our country are expert in (a) --- answers. They do not (b) --- notes themselves. They get them (c) --- by their tutors. Their tutors (d) --- their brain for the students. So, the (e) --- power of the students does not (f) ---. They do not have any (g) --- of their language. They, of course, (h) --- well in the examination. But for this, they can (i) --- no credit of their own. This result does not (j) --- them in their later life.

Answer: (a) memorizing (b) make (c) prepared (d) exercise (e) thinking (f) develop (g) command (h) do (i) claim (j) help

5. Change the narrative style of the following text:
"I've got GPA-5 in the SSC Examination", said Abir. "Congratulations, brother!" I said. "What do you intend to doh now?" "I wish to study in a reputed college," Abir replied.

Answer: Abir said to me that he had got/gotten GPA-5 in the SSC Examination. Addressing him as brother I exclaimed with joy and congratulated him. I asked what he intended to do then. Abir replied that he wished to study in a reputed college.

6. Change the Sentences according to the directions in the brackets.
(a) Internet is a computer-based networking system. (Interrogative)
(b) It is a speedy transmitting system of information. (Complex)
(c) Its functions are smooth and rapid. (Negative)
(d) A man has an Internet connection and gets a link soon according to his expectation. (Simple)
(e) Many educational institutions are greatly benefited through the use of Internet. (Complex)
(f) A student can visit all the renowned libraries of the world without going there. (Passive)
(g) It plays an effective role in the field of trade and commerce. (Exclamatory)
(h) E-commerce has become one of the most popular topics to the customers. (Positive)
(i) It helps the customers to buy or choose anything without going to market. (Compound)
(j) What an amazing milestone it is in the modern world of communication! (Assertive)

(a) Isn't internet a computer-based networking system?
(b) It is a transmitting system of information which is speedy.
(c) Its functions are not only smooth but also rapid.
(d) A man having an internet connection gets a link soon according to his expectation.
(e) Many educational institutions are greatly benefited as/when they use internet.
(f) All the renowned libraries of the world can be visited by a student without going there.
(g) What an effective role it plays in the field of trade and commerce!
(h) Very few topics have become as popular as E-commerce to the customers.
(i) It helps the customer to buy or choose anything and they don't have to go to market.
(j) It is very amazing milestone in the modern world of communication:

7. Complete the sentences.
(a) Unless you study attentively you will fail in the exam.

(b) Walk fast lest you should/might miss the train.

(c) He will swim after finishing his breakfast.

(d) Danger often comes where danger is feared.

(e) We should take a rest so that we can restore our energy.

8. Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis.
Mobile phone is a great (a) --- (invent) of modern science. The (b) --- (consume) of mobile phone are increasing day by day. People are getting benefits. But it is (c) --- (fortunate) that mobile phone sometimes (d) --- (comes) a cause of health hazard, especially the (e) --- (child) are affected much. According to the (f) (science) --- mobile phone causes brain tumours, genetic damage and many other (g) --- (cure) diseases. They believe that (h) --- (visible) uncontrolled radioactivity of mobile phone causes (i) --- (repairable) damage to human body. They say that the (j) --- (govern) should control radioactive sources.

Answer: (a) invention; (b) consumption; (c) unfortunate; (d) becomes; (e) children (f) scientists; (g) incurable; (h) visibly; (i) irreparable; (j) government

9. Make tag questions of these statements:
(a) Everybody believes this truth, don't they?
(b) We hardly forget the golden fast, do we?
(c) Nothing was said, was it?
(d) Don't disturb me, will you?
(e) Let's be sincere in our life, shall we?

10. Complete the passage using suitable connectors.
Morning walk is a good habit for all classes of people. (a) --- it is a simple exercise, it is good for health both physically (b) --- mentally. (c) --- the morning air is fresh and free from any kind of noise and pollutions, it keeps us sound and healthy. Morning walk costs nothing (d) --- gives more. (e) --- we should make the habit of morning walk.

Answer: (a) Though/Although; (b) and (c) As/Since/Because (d) but (e) So/Thus 

11. Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text:
the teacher said to the girl do you think that honesty is the best policy yes sir i think so said the girl then learn to be honest from your childhood thank you sir said the girl may allah bless you said the teacher

Answer: The teacher said to the girl, "Do you think that honesty is the best policy?" "Yes, sir. I think so, " said the girl. "Then learn to be honest from your childhood." "Thank you, sir," said the girl. "May Allah bless you, " said the teacher.
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