Cumilla Board English 2nd Paper Question Solution 2024

1. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box: You may need to change the forms of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once:
nutrition, normal, illiterate, grow, ability, malnutrition, due, rapid, aware, nutrition

Adolescence or puberty is a period after childhood. During this period physical and mental (a) --- of boys and girls is so (b) --- that they need proper amount of (c) --- food. But many boys and girls are not (d) --- of this fact. So often they suffer from (e) --- which hampers their (f) --- growth. Even some parents do not have the (g) --- to provide their children with the (h) --- they need. Sometimes it happens (i) --- to the parents' reluctance, unawareness, or (j) ---.

Answer: (a) growth; (b) rapid; (c) nutritious; (d) aware; (e) malnutrition; (f) normal; (g) ability; (h) nutrition; (i) due; (j) illiteracy
Cumilla Board English 2nd Paper Question Solution 2024

2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words:

Man is a social being. So he lives (a) --- a society. Mutual understanding and cooperation are (b) --- to ensure a peaceful society. (c) --- produce ideal members of a (d) --- , an ideal family contributes a (e) --- . A child's future behaviour is greatly influenced (f) --- the culture of his family. (g) --- a child is born and brought (h) --- in a rude and chaotic environment, he also becomes (i) --- in behaviour and creates (j)  --- and indiscipline in the society.

Answer: (a) in; (b) needed/necessary; (c) To; (d) society; (e) lot; (f) by; (g) If; (h) up; (i) rude; (j) chaos/disorder

4. Complete the following text with the right forms of the verbs given in the box :
ensure, create, waste, divide, remain, do, appear, save, execute, end
Proper time management makes it possible to complete any work timely. If a person (a) --- his works into smaller portions and (b) --- them accordingly, the whole work will be (c) --- in time. Time is not (d) --- because of doing the work in a planned way. As a result, enough time (e) ---. Besides proper use of time (f) --- by doing the work in this process. As each piece of work (g) --- quickly, opportunity to do additional works (h) ---. Again due to time management, no part of work (i) --- difficult and no work (j) --- pending.

Answere: (a) divides; (b) executes; (c) done; (d) wasted; (e) is saved; (f) should be ensured; (g) is ended; (h) is created; (i) appears; (j) remains

5. Change the narrative style of the following text:
The teacher entered the classroom and said, "Dear students, are all of you present today?" "Except Rina, all are present, sir," said the captain. "She has not come because of her mother's illness." "Oh! What a sad news it is! May her mother come round soon," said the teacher.

Answer: The teacher entered the classroom and addressing them as dear students asked if all of them were present that day. The captain answered with respect that all were present except Rina and added that she had not come because of her mother's illness. The teacher exclaimed with sorrow that it was a very sad news. He also wished that her mother might come round soon.

7. Complete the following sentences:
(a) Five years have passed since I met Rahim.

(b) Hurry up lest you should/might miss the class.

(c) We love and help one another as if we were friends.

(d)We can learn moral values if we practise good qualities.

(e) Students stopped playing after they had heard the bad news.

8. Complete the text by adding suffixes, prefixes or both to the root words given in the parenthesis:
The other name of water is life. Clean water is (a) --- (drink). Dirty water is (b) --- (safe). Clean water is (c) --- (contaminate) and (d) --- (suit) for drinking. Bangladesh is a (e) --- (river) country. But we get (f) --- (adequate) - water for use. The water of most of our rivers is (g) --- (filth) and (h) --- (poison). We should keep surface water for clean our health and (i) --- (long). The government should play an (j) --- (act)- role to keep water safe.

Answer: (a) Drinkable; ( b) Unsafe; (c) Uncontaminated; (d) Suitable; (e) Riverine; (f) Inadequate; ( g) Filthy; (h) Poisonous; (i) Longevity; (j) Active.

9. Make tag questions of these statements:
(a) Slow and steady wins the race, doesn't it?

(b) The mother has risen in her to see the orphan, hasn't it?

(c) He hardly cast a vote for me, did he?

(d) Kindly do me a favour, won't you?

(e) I need not go there, need I?

10. Complete the passage using suitable connectors:
It is known to all (a) --- about half of our population are women. They are entitled to equal rights and privileges (b) --- men enjoy. (c) --- in reality, they do not get their dues. For the true development of our country, they should be given proper education and training. (d) --- every woman is a potential mother and her influence on her children is very great. (e)---, we should pay proper attention to our women folk.

Answer: (a) that (b) as (c) But (d) Because (e) So

11. Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text:
how dare you wake me up the lion roared i shall kill you for that please let me go the mouse cried.

Answer: "How dare you wake up!" The lion roared, "I shall kill you for that." "Please let me go, "the mouse cried.
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