Dinajpur Board English 2nd Paper Question Solution 2024

1. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the form of some words. You may use one word more than once.
Personality, between, beneficial, saying, for, Participation, an, popular, physically, on
Sports are very essential (a) ---us. There are various types of sports. Among them cricket, football, swimming etc. are very (b) ---All types of sports are (c) --- to us. There is a relation (d) --- the body and the mind. A sound mind lies in a sound body" is a wise (e) ---In order to gain success in life, we should have sound health which depends (f) --- regular (g) --- in games and sports. Sports keep us      (h)     fit. Sports play (i) --- important role in forming one's (j) ---.

Answer: (a) for; (b) popular; (c) beneficial; (d) between; (e) saying; (f) on; (g) participation; (h) physically; (i) an; (j) personality.
Dinajpur Board English 2nd Paper Question Solution 2024
2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words. Use one word for each gap. 
English is a widely (a)--- Language. In our country we (b)--- it as a (c) --- language. It is not our (d) --- tongue. Naturally, it is very (e) --- to learn. We have a very poor (f) --- on this language. As a result, we don't (g) --- interest in this language. For all these (h) --- English is (i) --- for us to (j)---.

Answer: (a) used/ spoken; (b) use; (c) second/ secondary; (d) mother; (e) hard/ difficult; (f) base/ grasp/ competency; (g) have; (h) reasons; (i) hard/ difficult; (j) learn.

4. Complete the following text with right forms of verbs given in the box:
lag, reach, lead, follow, depend, build, remember, be, idle, work
Bangladesh is full of natural resources. The prosperity of the country (a) --- on the proper utilization of the resources. We should not (b)--- lazy life. We should all (c)--- up our country. For this reason, we have to (d) --- hard. No nation can prosper without industry. We should (e) --- that industry is the key to success. If we (f) --- the days away, we (g) --- behind. The nations that (h) --- industrious (i)--- the pinnacle of development. So, we should (j)--- them.

Answer: (a) depends; (b) lead; (c) build; (d) work; (e) remember; (f) idle; (g) will lag/ may lag; (h) are; (i) reach/ have reached; (j) Follow

6. Change the sentences according to directions:
(a) A Journey by train is always enjoyable (negative)
(b) People are fond of a journey by train (Interrogative)
(c) It is not unpleasant (affirmative)
(d) When a man makes a journey by train, he can enjoy natural scenery (simple)
(e) People like it as it is cheap (compound)
(f) There are class distinction in a train and people can buy tickets of various classes (complex)
(g) Train is one of the most comfortable vehicles (comparative)
(h) A man can enjoy a train journey (passive)
(i) It was introduced by the British govt. (active)
(j) A train journey is very safe (Exclamatory)

a) A journey by boat is never boring/ monotonous.
(b) Aren't people ford of a journey by train?
(c) It is pleasant.
(d) While making journey by train, a man can enjoy natural scenery/ A man can enjoy natural scenery during a journey by train.
(e) It is cheap and so people like it.
(f) As/ Since/ there are class distinction in a train, people can buy tickets of various classes.
(g) Train is more comfortable than most others vehicles.
(h) A train journey can be enjoyed by a man.
(i) The British govt. introduced it.
(j) How safe a train journey is!

7. Complete the following sentences:

(a) If you are up and doing in studies you can make a good result.

(b) Read attentively lest you should fail in the exam.

(c) Failing in the examination is not expected/ leads a student to depression

(d) So, it is high time for you to study attentively

(e) A proverb goes that a stitch in time saves nine. 

8. Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis:
Honey is (a)---(nature) produced by honey bees through (b) --- (collect) of nectar from (c) --- differ flowers and then store them in the hive. But now-a-days there are (d) --- (keep) who rear bees in (e) --- (wood) hives and produce honey (f) --- (commercial). This is (g) --- (full) chemical and hazard free activity. With the support of the govt. and (h) --- (government) organizations (i) ---approximate) 300 bee keepers have been trained for honey (j)--- (produce).

Answer: (a) naturally: (b) collecting; (c) different; (d) beekeepers; (e) wooden; (f) commercially; (g) fully; (h) non-government; (i) approximately; (j) production

9. Make tag questions of the following statements:

(a) None can solve this problem, can they?

(b) Everybody hates them, don't they?

(c) Let's do the work, shall we?

(d) Telling lies is a great sin, isn't it?

(e) How nice the bird is !, it's it?

10. Complete the passage using suitable connectors:
Trees are very important (a) --- They produce oxygen (b) --- is a must for man and all living beings. We must realize (c) --- they help us in many ways. (d) --- trees are less in number, there will be an increased amount of carbon di-oxide in the atmosphere (e) --- it will enhance greenhouse effect.

Answer: (a) indeed; (b) that/which; (c) that; (d) If
(e) and

11. Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text:
the man said to me where are you going i am going to Varsity said i did you go to Varsity yesterday no i replied why did you not go i was very busy said i.

Answer: The man said to me, "Where are you going?" "I am going to varsity," said I. "Did you go to varsity yesterday?" "No," I replied. "Why did you not go? ?" “I was very busy,” said I.
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