Jashore Board English Question Solution 2024

1. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box. You may need to change the forms of some of the words. You may need to use one word more than once.
common, possible, language, the, in, medium, of, them, with, by
Language is the means (a) --- which we share our thoughts and ideas (b) --- others. It is our primary of (c) --- communication. There are thousands of (d) --- in the world but it is (e) --- for a person to learn of in the world all. English is language of international communication. It is the most used language in the world. It also plays an essential our lives. So, the importance (j) --- learning English cannot be ignored.

Answer: (a) by: (b) with; (c) medium; (d) languages; (e) impossible/not possible; (f) them; (g) the; (h) commonly; (i) in; (j) of
Jashore Board English Question Solution 2024
2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words:
The earth is a vast planet. It is (a) --- in shape. One-third of its total area is land while the other three portions are covered with (b) ---. The water areas are divided into oceans, seas and (c) ---. The surface of the land area is (d) --- of variety. There are high hills, green forests (e) --- stretches of deserts. The land mass is divided (f) --- some continent. Under each continent, there are a (g) --- of countries. The interior of the earth is (h) --- in mineral resources. There is existence of life only one (i) --- earth. But, this existence of life would be impossible (j) --- sunlight. In fact, sunlight is the prerequisite for the existence of all types of living beings.

Answer: (a) round; (b) water; (c) rivers; (d) full; (e) and; (f) into; (g) number; (h) abundant; (i) the; (j) without

4. Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box:
focus, follow, control, wait, write, understand, upgrade, play, be, read
Text books are the rich sources of information and knowledge. They (a) --- a vital role in teaching-learning activities. If a student (b) --- the text books thoroughly, he/she can get a clear idea about different topics. In the class room, teachers (c) --- on the texts well. Unfortunately, some students (d) --- the importance of reading text books. Again, in many schools guide books are (e) --- in the class room. The concerned authority should monitor the class rooms with a view to (f) --- this unexpected activity. Besides, teachers (g) --- conscious of their duties and responsibilities. A strong foundation of knowledge is impossible without reading the text books well. These living sources of knowledge (h) --- by the highly qualified educationists. The government is working relentlessly to (i) --- the standard of the text books. The nation (j) --- eagerly for the days when our students will lead Bangladesh applying their knowledge, skill and wisdom.

Answer: (a) play; (b) reads; (c) focus; (d) don't understand; (e) followed; (f) controling; (g) should be; (h) are written; (i) upgrade; (j) is waiting

5. Change the narrative style of the following text:
Mother said to Nafi, "What are you doing now?" "I am doing my homework," said Nafi. "Why did not you do it yesterday?" asked mother, "I was ill yesterday," said Nafi. "Can I help you?" said mother.

Answer: Mother asked to Nafi what he was doing then. Nafi replied that he was doing his home- work. Mother again asked why he had not done it the previous day. Nafi replied that he had been ill the previous day. Mother further asked him if she could help him.

6. Change the following sentences as directed in brackets:
(a) Water is a liquid substance. (Interrogative)
(b) It is used for various purposes in our daily life. (Active)
(c) We drink water to satisfy our thirst. (Complex)
(d) We get water from many sources. (Passive)
(e) Surface water is not safe for drinking. (Affirmative)
(f) We should drink tube-well water. (Imperative)
(g) Polluted water is very dangerous for our life. (Exclamatory)
(h) If we throw wastage and dirts into water, we make it polluted. (Simple)
(i) Pure water is one of the most valuable things for our lives. (Positive)
(j) Who can live without water? (Negative)

(a) Isn't water a liquid substance?
(b) We use it for various purposes in our daily life
(c) We drink water so that we can satisfy our thirst.
(d) Water is got/ gotten by us from many sources.
(e) Surface water is unsafe for drinking.
(f) Let us drink tube-well water.
(g) How dangerous polluted water is for our life!
(h) By throwing waste and dirt into water, we make it polluted.
(i) Very few things for our lives are as valuable as pure water.
(j) Nobody/None can live without water.

7. Complete the following sentences:
(a) A man is known by the company he keeps.

(b) So, we should be careful while choosing a companion.

(c) Students must avoid evil companions so that they can maintain a clean image in the society.

(d) If a student mixes with evil companions, he/she will suffer in the long run.

(e) It is high time we became to become serious about choosing our companions

8. Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parentheses:
A computer consists of both hardwares and softwares. The (a) ---(touch) components are called hardwares. On the other hand the (b) (touchable) programmes are called softwares. Hardwares and softwares are interdependent. Without one, the other is (c) --- (value). Software (d) --- (design) are called software engineers. Software engineering is a (e) --- (demand) subject in a university. A well designed software can solve any problem. Business organizations (f) --- (include) banks are completely dependent on softwares. In fact office, (g) --- (manage) can't be thought of without the application of proper softwares. For the (h) --- (develop) of our software industry, the government has already set up a number of hightec parks. Our software engineers are working (i) ---- (restless) to develop newer softwares to make our life easy and (j) --- (comfort).

Answer: (a) touchable; (b) untouchable; (c) valueless; (d) designers; (e) demanding; (f) including; (g) management; (h) development; (i) restlessly; (j) comfortable

9. Make tag questions of these statements:
(a) Patriotism persuades a man to do everything just,---?

(b) A patriot hardly fears anybody, ---?

(c) Everybody respects a patriot,---?

(d) What an outstanding quality it is!----?

(e) Let's be patriots, ---?

Answer: (a) doesn't it?; (b) does he/she?; (c) don't they?; (d) isn't it?; (e) shall we?

10. Complete the passage using suitable connectors:
We know that trees are very important (a) --- is a must for all living creatures. they produce They are our oxygen (b) --- best friends (c) --- we are not conscious of it. Time is coming (d) --- there will be no tree left for us. (e) ---, we should plant more and more trees for our own sake.

Answer: (a) because; (b) which; (e) but; (d) when; (e) So/Therefore

11. Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text:
won't you go to school today raju he said dad i feel feverish i dont want to go to school ok take rest now said he.

Answer: "Won't you go to school today, Raju?" he said. "Dad, I feel feverish. I don't want to go to school." "Ok, take rest now," said he.
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