SSC passage narration board questions 2024 with answers

1. Change the narrative style of the following text: [Dhaka Board -2024]
"Why are you putting up the foods in your pockets, sir? Why don't you eat?" asked the noble man. "I'm doing the right thing. My dress deserves these foods," replied Sheikh Saadi. " don't understand what you want to mean and I'm sorry," said the noble man.

Answer: The nobleman asked Sheikh Saadi why he (S) was putting up the food in his pocket and why he didn't eat. In reply, Sheikh Saadi told him that he was doing the right thing and added that his dress deserved those rich dishes. Then the nobleman said that he didn't understand what he (S) had meant to say and added that he was sorry.

2. [Rajshahi Board-2024; Barishal Board-2024]
"What are you reading?" Rifat said to Sifat. "I am reading an interesting drama written by Shakespeare. What an interesting drama it is! I have collected it from our school library," said Sifat. "Please lend me the book", said Rifat.

Answer: Rifat asked Sifat what he (S) was reading. Sifat replied that he (S) was reading an interesting drama by Shakespeare and exclaimed with wonder that it was a very interesting drama. He also said that he had collected that from their school library. Rifat requested him (S) to lend him (R) the book.
SSC passage narration board questions 2024 with answers
3. [Cumilla Board -2024]
The teacher entered the classroom and said, "Dear students, are all of you present today?" "Except Rina, all are present, sir," said the captain. "She has not come because of her mother's illness." "Oh! What a sad news it is! May her mother come round soon," said the teacher.

Answer: The teacher entered the classroom and addressing them as dear students asked if all of them were present that day. The captain answered with respect that all were present except Rina and added that she had not come because of her mother's illness. The teacher exclaimed with sorrow that it was a very sad news. He also wished that her mother might come round soon.

4. [Jashore Board -2024
Mother said to Nafi, "What are you doing now?" "I am doing my homework," said Nafi. "Why did not you do it yesterday?" asked mother, "I was ill yesterday," said Nafi. "Can I help you?" said mother.

Answer: Mother asked to Nafi what he was doing then. Nafi replied that he was doing his home- work. Mother again asked why he had not done it the previous day. Nafi replied that he had been ill the previous day. Mother further asked him if she could help him.

5. [Mymensingh Board-2024]
The teacher said to Rafiq, "Why didn't you come to school yesterday?" Rafiq said, "Sorry, sir. I took my mother to the hospital." The teacher said, "How sad the news is! May she get well soon."

Answer: The teacher asked Rafiq why he (R) hadn't gone to school the previous day. Rafiq respectfully said that he (R) was sorry and added that he (R) had taken his (R) mother to the hospital. The teacher exclaimed with sorrow that the news was very sad and prayed that she might get well soon.

6. [Sylhet Board -2024]
The teacher said to Shafin, "Why are you talking in the class? You should behave yourself." Shafin replied, "Sir, I am sorry. I am asking Sifat to lend me his pen. My pen has run out."

Answer: The teacher asked Shafin why he (Sh) was talking in the class and added that he (Sh) should behave himself. Shafin replied respectfully that he (Sh) was sorry and added that he (s) was asking Sifat to lend him (Sh) his (Sifat) pen. He (Sh) also said that his (Sh) pen had run out.
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