Affirmative to negative exercise

1. Affirmative: John alone lives in this building.
Negative: None but John lives in this building.

2. Affirmative: You were right in doing so.
Negative: You were not wrong in doing so.

3. Affirmative: His father was doubtful of his success.
Negative: His father was not sure of his success.

4. Affirmative: Sagor is my friend.
Negative: Sagor is not my enemy.

5. Affirmative: Travelling is always welcome.
Negative: Travelling is never unwelcome.

6. AffirmativeMr. Khan rejected the money.
Negative: Mr Khan did not accept the money.

7. Affirmative: Every mother loves her child.
Negative: There is no mother but loves her child.

8. Affirmative: As soon as he reached the station, the train arrived.
Negative: No sooner had he reached the station than the train arrived.

9. Affirmative: Only the brave deserve the praise.
Negative: None but the brave deserve the praise.

10. Affirmative: Every rose has a thorn.
Negative: There is no rose but has a thorn.

11. Affirmative: God alone is Almighty.
Negative: None but God is Almighty.

12. Affirmative: I was doubtful of his truthfulness.
Negative: I was not sure of his faithfulness.

13Affirmative: As soon as the doctor came, the patient died.
Negative: No sooner had the doctor come than the patient died.

14. Affirmative: The man is poor.
Negative: The man is not rich.

15. Affirmative: A good student always respects his teachers.
Negative: A good student never disrespects his teachers.

16. Affirmative: He was a kind man
Negative: He was not an unkind man.

17. Affirmative: He is a regular student.
Negative: He is not an irregular student.

18. Affirmative: They are honest and pious.
Negative: They are not dishonest and impious.

19. Affirmativewe should be honest in our life.
Negative: We should not be dishonest in our life.

20. Affirmative: He is loved by everybody
Negative: He is not hated by anybody.

Affirmative to negative exercise

Affirmative to negative exercise for SSC

21. Affirmative: He was unmarried
Negative: He was not married.

22. Affirmative: Day to day life in London is expensive.
Negative: Day to day life in London is not cheap.

23. Affirmative: It lives together.
Negative: It does not live alone.

24. Affirmative: A healthy man is an asset to his family.
Negative: A healthy man is not a liability to his family.

25. AffirmativeA tea stall is a crowded place
Negative: A tea stall is not an uncrowded place.

26. Affirmative: Cox’s Bazar is a beautiful place.
Negative: Cox's Bazar is not an ugly place.

27. AffirmativeE-mail is used for important purposes.
Negative: E-mail is not used for unimportant purpose.

28. AffirmativeThis was an extra-ordinary ship.
Negative: This was not an ordinary ship.

29. AffirmativeA patriot is respected by all
Negative: A patriot is not hated by all.

30. AffirmativeThe Titanic was regarded unsinkable
Negative: The Titanic was not regarded sinkable.

31. Affirmative: I shall remember you
Negative: I shall not forget you.

32. AffirmativeMalacca is an old city.
Negative: Malacca is not a new city.

33. AffirmativeEnglish is easy.
Negative: English is not hard.

34. AffirmativeI am your enemy/foe
Negative: I am not your friend.

35. Affirmative: They solved their problem wisely.
Negative: They did not solve their problem foolishly.

36. Affirmative: He is very kind to me.
Negative: He is not unkind to me.

37. AffirmativeMan is very curious to know and see.
Negative: Man is not incurious to know and see.

38. Affirmative: Mark is very strong in English
Negative: Mark is not weak in English.

39. Affirmative: The illiteracy rate in Bangladesh is very poor.
Negative: The illiterate rate in Bangladesh is not a high.

40. AffirmativeIt is very difficult for Bangladesh
Negative: It is not easy for Bangladesh.

41. Affirmative: Her parents liked her very much.
Negative: Her parents did not like her little.

42. Affirmative: Cricket is a very exciting game.
Negative: Cricket is not a boring game.

43. Affirmative: Diamond is a very precious metal
Negative: Diamond is not cheap metal.

44. Affirmative: I will be for a very long time
Negative: I will not be for a short time.

45. Affirmative: It’s a very small window.
Negative: It is not a big window.

46. Affirmative: The journey was very pleasant.
Negative: The journey was not unpleasant.

47. Affirmative: He is the only boy of five.
Negative: No other boy than/but he is of five.

48. Affirmative: A brave man alone can do this.
Negative: None but a brave man can do this.

49. Affirmative: I need a book only.
Negative: I need nothing but a book.

50. Affirmative: I need ten taka only.
Negative: I don’t need more than ten taka

51. Affirmative: You have to drink clean water.
Negative: You cannot but drink clean water.

52. Affirmative: He ate eggs and vegetables.
Negative: He ate not only eggs but also vegetables.

53. Affirmative: Everybody likes flowers.
Negative: Nobody dislikes flowers.

54. Affirmative: I am always against of smoking.
Negative: I am never in favour of smoking.

55. Affirmative: Knowledge is power.
Negative: Isn’t knowledge power?

56. Affirmative: I missed the train.
Negative: I could not catch the train.

57. Affirmative: I have a few dolls.
Negative: I don’t have many dolls.

58. Affirmative: All must die.
Negative: None can escape death.

59. Affirmative: I come here for the last time.
Negative: I will never come here again.

Affirmative: The box is too heavy for me to lift.
Negative: The box is so heavy that I cannot lift.

Affirmative: He saw the Taj.
Negative: He did not fail to see the Taj.

62. Affirmative: Who has seen the wind?
Negative: No one has seen the wind.

63. Affirmative: Only England can help you.
Negative: None but England can help you.

64. Affirmative: Only hard work is a key to success.
Negative: Nothing but hard word is the key to success.

65. AffirmativePortia Proved to be a faithful wife.
Negative: Portia did not fail to prove to be a faithful wife.

66. Affirmative: Can you touch the sky?
Negative: You cannot touch the sky.

67. AffirmativeEngland won a medal in the Olympics.
Negative: England did not fail to win a medal in the Olympics.

68. Affirmative: He is too old to work hard.
Negative: He is so old that he cannot work hard.

69. Affirmative: Can there be smoke without fire?
Negative: There can be no smoke without fire.

Affirmative into Negative Exceptional exercise

1. Affirmative: He is the only boy of five.
Negative: No other boy than/but he is of five.

2. Affirmative: I read only English.
Negative: I read no other subject than English.

3. Affirmative: Water is liquid.
Negative:  Water is neither solid nor gaseous.
OR: Isn't water liquid?

4. Affirmative: Milk is white.
Negative: Milk has no other colour without white
Or: Isn't milk white?

5. AffirmativeIron is solid.
Negative: Iron is neither liquid nor gaseous.
Or: Isn't Iron solid?

6. AffirmativeWhere there is fire, there is smoke.
Negative: There is no smoke without fire.

7. Affirmative:  He tried all plans.
Negative: He left no stone unturned.

8. Affirmative: He has given up smoking for good.
Negative: He will never smoke again.

9. Affirmative: He is less ugly than you said.
Negative: He is not as ugly as you said.

10. Affirmative: You are less good than he said.
Negative: You are not as good as he said.

11. Affirmative: He has left the village forever.
Negative: He will never come to his village again.

12. Affirmative: All must submit to death.
Negative: No one can escape death.

13. AffirmativeWhere there is fire, there is smoke.
Negative: There is no smoke without fire.

14. Affirmative: I am unable to attend their needs.
Negative: I cannot attend their needs.

15. Affirmative: I missed the train.
Negative: I could not catch the train.

16. Affirmative: Everyone admits that he is a good musician.
Negative: No one can deny that he is a good musician.

17. Affirmative: Everybody will admit that I am right.
Negative: Nobody will deny that I am right.

18. Affirmative: It is often difficult in the company to speak frankly.
Negative: It is not always easy in the company to speak frankly.

19. Affirmative: I refused to wait any longer.
Negative: I would not wait any longer.

20. Affirmative: More attacks followed.
Negative: This was not his last attack.

21. Affirmative: I was doubtful if he would come.
Negative: I was not sure that he would come.

22. Affirmative: He always minds his lessons.
Negative: He never neglects his lessons.

23. Affirmative: It always pours when it rains.
Negative: It never rains but pours.

24. Affirmative: You are the only person fit for the post.
Negative: No other person but you are fit for the post.

25. Affirmative: I come here for the last time.
Negative: Never again I shall come here.

26. Affirmative: In all respects this morning was like any other.
Negative: This morning did not differ from any other in any respect.

27. AffirmativeHe will go only under compulsion.
Negative: He will go unless he is compelled.

28. Affirmative: Chance and accidents are only aliases of ignorance.
Negative: Chance and accidents are nothing but aliases of ignorance.

29. AffirmativeJohn was always on time.
Negative: John was never late.

30. Affirmative: I saw only but husks and dust in the bag.
Negative: I saw nothing in the bag but husks and dust.

31. Affirmative: It was the only school for males.
Negative: There was no other school for males.

32. Affirmative: A little boy is always innocent.
Negative: A little boy is never guilty.

33. Affirmative: There are many people here.
Negative: There are not a few people here.

34. Affirmative: We sold a little honey.
Negative: We did not sell much honey.

35. AffirmativeI come here for the last time.
Negative: I shall never come here.

36. AffirmativeThen I saw him last.
Negative: I have never seen him since then.

37. Affirmative: I warn you for the last time.
Negative: I shall never warn you.

38. Affirmative: I have given up smoking forever
Negative: I shall never smoke again.

39. Affirmative: He came here for the last time.
Negative: He never came here again.

40. Affirmative: Where there is smoke, there is fire.
Negative: There can be no smoke without fire.

41. Affirmative: The sun rises in the east. 
Negative: Doesn't the sun rise in the east?
[N.B: Universal truths are changed into interrogative negative sentences.]

42. Affirmative: A life with an assignment is actual life.
Negative: A life without an assignment is not actual life.

43. Affirmative: I missed the train.
Negative: I did not catch the train.

44. Affirmative: We do not honour the valiant.
Negative: We do dishonour the valiant.

45. Affirmative: The student did not passed the exam.
Negative: The student did not fail the exam.

Affirmative to Negative Try Yourself

1. John was alone alive in the accident.
2. He has only two handsets.
3. Only Rana will fall into my pit.
4. Only poverty is responsible for this.
5. Bangladesh is the only darling child of nature.
6. Only the cook told him.
7. A computer is only a blessing earth.
8. Happiness is only a psychological thing.
9. Life is only the sum total of the moment.
10. Only an emotionally balanced person keeps it under control.
11. Only education gives us the light of knowledge.
12. Only the boys who work hard can shine in life.
13. Only Allah can help us.
14. He alone can solve this.
15. Only a patriot can be so noble.
16. He lives alone in the house.
17. Poverty is the only cause.
18. Only the qualified candidates should apply for the post
19.. Only he can play good cricket.
20. Only the science students can apply for the post.
21. Only they can do the work.
22. Only he can speak English here.
23. He ate only the plainest food.
24. Only the pure man in the heart could be perfectly just.
25. I bought only a few chocolates for my daughter.
26. I have only one pen.
27. The duck had only one leg.
28. I will buy only a pair of shoes.
29. You came here only at four.
30. She has only one doll.
31. He has ten marbles.
32. We have only one football.
33. Rana will sell only ten toys.
34. Only one person can use it at a time.
35. I have only six nails.
36. Jet planes were only a few years old.
37. I slept only two hours.
38. I spent only three dollars.
39. I ate only three cakes.
40. He only ate one shrimp.
41. The widow has only two goats of her own.
42. He is only four.
43. We must realize the fact.
44. I must come forward against corruption.
45. He must go from one house to another.
46. We must protect them.
47. We must read many books other than textbooks.
48. We must educate our girls to forward the nation.
49. She must take care of me.
50. We must read many books other than textbooks.
51. You must yield to your fate.
52. We must obey our parents
53. . You must care for them.
54. You must yield to your fate.
55. I had to love my country
56. We had to depend on it
57. We had to leave it undone
58. Nila had to drop the letter
59. He had to write music
60. They had to hate the selfish
61. Rina had to tell a story
62. I had to see a bird
63. He had to like the bird
64. Ali had to open the window. 
65. Sabina had to sing a song
66. The man had to buy a shirt.
67. Everybody distrust a liar
68. Everybody is conscious of health.
69. Everybody wants a friend.
70. Everybody disliked him.
71. Every living thing needs pure air.
72. Every nation can prosper giving importance of education.
73. Every patriot works sincerely and honestly in the normal course of life.
74. Every student is helped by our teachers.
75. Every student needs a computer.
76. Every woman likes it.
77. Everybody admires of him.
78. Everybody attends a Baishakhi Mela.
79. Everybody dislikes him.
80. Everybody in our village loves him.
81. Everybody in our village loves him.
82. Everybody loves him.
83. Everybody should be conscious of his health.
84. Everyone lives in society.
85. Everyone can prosper in life with industry.
86. Everyone will admit this.
87. Everybody hates a liar.
88. Everybody hates a liar.
89. Everybody obeys the will of God.
90. Everyone likes a flower.
91. Every man wants to be crowned of success.
92. Every rose has a thorn.
93. Every building has iron.
94. Every cloud has a silver lining.
95. Every tree is known by its fruits.
96. By working hard, one can shine.
97. By studying attentively, you can get A+
98. By writing regularly you can avoid your mistakes.
99. By taking exercises, you will be able to keep fit.
100. By watching TV, We can gather knowledge.
101. By playing well, you can get a reward.
102. By working hard, they can remove their condition.
103. As soon as he saw me, he ran away.
104. As soon as I reached the station, the train left.
105. As soon as the teacher came, there was silence.
106. As soon as she heard the news, she burst into tears.
107. As soon as he saw, she showed me.
108. As soon as she arrived home, the telephone rang.
109. As soon as we reached the station, the train left.
110. As soon as the students came to college, the bell rang.
111. As soon as we started for college, the rain started.
112. As soon as he saw me, he ran away swiftly.
113. As soon as the police marked the thief, he ran away.
114. As soon as the thief saw the police, he ran away.
115. The tea is too hot to be drunk.
116. This fact is too evident to require proof.
117. Any branch of knowledge is too difficult to be conquered by perseverance.
118. He is too honest to accept a bribe.
119. This is too small a thing to pit down.
120. He is too old to get the job.
121. He is too weak to move.
122. The writer was too poor to maintain his family.
123. The boy was too clever to cope with him.
124. John is too poor to help her.
125. We are too late to reach there in time.
126. The old man was too weak to walk.
127. I am too confused to do it.
128. It is too heavy for her to carry.
129. He is too dull to pass in the exam.
130. He was too short to touch it.
131. He is too young to take responsibilities.
132. He was as ferocious as a tiger
133. John is as tall as John
134. Eva is as intelligent as Riva
135. Sorrow is as strong as hunger
136. Oranges are not as cheap as apples
137. It is as big as the Thames.
138. He is as good as his brother
139. London is as big as Oxford
140. A mobile phone is more useful than a computer
141. They are as stout as we
142. He is as attentive as Dana. Dana is as smart as Riva.
143. She is as beautiful as her older sister
144. James is as handsome as John.
145. It is as ugly as a crow.
146. You are as clear as he.
147. You are as sincere as Michael.
148. He is both a good student and a singer.
149. Both Rupa and Sumi were obedient.
150.  Michael as well as Mike are very good cricketer.
151. The plot moved both swiftly and artfully throughout the movie.
152. Nila was both a singer and a dancer.
153. Albert both likes and recommends the movie.
154. Both John and Mack prefer cricket to classical music.
155. The directors wanted both to win and to receive recognition for their work.
156. Both  Rahim and Karim went there.
157. The freedom fighters are both honourable and remembered.
158. I as well as Rana went to school. We as well as Dana did this.
159. Both the movie and the play were good.
160. I liked both the
movie and the play.
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