Imperative to Assertive

Imperative into Assertive Rules

If the Imperative sentence: Command or order-

Structure: You + Should/must/have to + rest of part.

1. Imperative: Do the work.
Assertive: You should do the work.

2. Imperative: Speak the truth.
Assertive: You should speak the truth.

If the Imperative sentence start: Please kindly, forgive, pardon, excuse-

Structure: You are requested to + verb + rest of part.

Imperative: Please, help me.
Assertive: You are requested to help me.

If the Imperative sentence start: Do not or don't-

Structure: You should not + V1 + rest of part.

Imperative: Do not run in the sun.
Assertive: You should not run in the sun.

If the Imperative sentence start: Never-

Structure: You should never + V1 + rest of part.

Imperative: Never tell a lie.
Assertive: You should never tell a lie.

If the Imperative sentence start: Let's or let us-

Structure: Let's or Let us Changes to We should + rest of part.

Imperative: Let's go out for a walk.
Assertive: We should go out for a walk.

If the Imperative sentence start: Let + Personal Object -

Structure: First changes Objective form to Subjective form + may/might be allowed to + V1 + rest of part.

Imperative: Let her play football.
Assertive: She might play football.
Imperative to Assertive

Imperative to Assertive Exercises

1. Imperative: Get lost.
Assertive: You should get lost.

2. Imperative: Work hard.
Assertive: You should work hard.

3. Imperative: Leave this place at once.
Assertive: You should leave this place at once.

4. Imperative: Be careful.
Assertive: You should be careful.

5. Imperative: Open your books.
Assertive: You should open your books.

6. Imperative: Come here.
Assertive: You should come here.

7. Imperative: Sit down.
Assertive: You should sit down.

8. Imperative: Be quiet.
Assertive: You should be quite.

9. Imperative: Be ready.
Assertive: You should be ready.

10. Imperative: Come on time.
Assertive: You should come on time.

11. Imperative: Leave your coat in the hall.
Assertive: You should leave your coat in the hall.

12. Imperative: Give me your phone number.
Assertive: You should give me your phone number.

13. Imperative: Stop here.
Assertive: You should stop here.

14. Imperative: Write soon.
Assertive: You should write soon.

15. Imperative: Leave it alone.
Assertive: You should leave it alone.

16. Imperative: Have fun.
Assertive: You should have fun.

17. Imperative: Go away.
Assertive:  You should go away.

18. Imperative: Put them in the oven.
Assertive: You should put them in the oven.

19. Imperative: Wait for me.
Assertive: You should wait for me.

20. Imperative: Eat a lot of popcorn.
Assertive: You should eat a lot of popcorn.

21. Imperative: Have a safe trip.
Assertive: You should have a safe trip.

22. Imperative: Eat them with rice.
Assertive: You should eat them with rice.

23. Imperative: Find the dog at the fair.
Assertive: You should find the dog the fair.

24. Imperative: Take the money.
Assertive: You should take the money.

25. Imperative: Come to the fair with him.
Assertive: You should come to the fair with him.

26. Imperative: Eat your food.
Assertive: You should eat your food.

27. Imperative: Stop feeding the dog.
Assertive: You should stop feeding the dog.

28. Imperative: Drive slowly.
Assertive: You should drive slowly.

29. Imperative: Be quiet.
Assertive: You should be quite.

30. Imperative: Have fun at the fair tonight.
Assertive: You should have fun at the fair tonight.

31. Imperative: Drink some water.
Assertive: You should drink some water.

32. Imperative: Speak to Peter.
Assertive: You should speak to Peter.

33. Imperative: Go out.
Assertive: You should go out.

34. Imperative: Turn the page.
Assertive: You should turn the page.

35. Imperative: Shut the windows.
Assertive: You should shut the windows.

36. Imperative: Pull the door.
Assertive: You should pull the door.

37. Imperative: Hurry up.
Assertive: You should hurry up.

38. Imperative: Clear this desk by tomorrow.
Assertive: You should clear this desk by tomorrow.

39. Imperative: Consider the matter.
Assertive: You should consider the matter.

40. Imperative: Turn left.
Assertive: You should turn left.

41. Imperative: Give me a glass of water.
Assertive: You should give me a glass of water.

42. Imperative: Have a Coke and a smile.
Assertive: You should have a coke and smile.

43. Imperative: Just do it.
Assertive: You should just do it.

44.Imperative: Honour your parents.
Assertive: You should honour our parents.

45. Imperative: Push the door, please.
Assertive: You are requested to push the door.

46. Imperative: Open your books, please.
You are requested to open your books.

47. Imperative: Please help me.
Assertive: You are requested to help me.

48. Imperative: Please be quiet.
Assertive: You are requested to be quite.

49. Imperative: Please join us for dinner.
Assertive: You are requested to join us for dinner.

50. Imperative: Please don’t give the dog popcorn.
Assertive: You are requested to don't give the dog popcorn.

51. Imperative: Please go.
Assertive: You are requested to go.

52. Imperative: Please write your name on paper.
Assertive: You are requested to write your name on paper.

53. Imperative: Open the window, please.
Assertive: You are requested to open the window.

54. Imperative: Please help me.
Assertive: You are requested to help me.

55. Imperative: Please tidy your room.
Assertive: You are requested to tidy your room.

56. Imperative: Please leave.
Assertive: You are requested to leave.

57. Imperative: Please leave the package at the door.
Assertive: You are requested to leave the package at the door.

58. Imperative: Please take me to the library.
Assertive: You are requested to take me to the library.

59. Imperative: Please walk through this door. Please come over here.
Assertive: You are requested to walk through this door.

60. Imperative: Please tell me what you think.
Assertive: You are requested to tell me what you think.

61. Imperative: Don’t do that.
Assertive: You should not disseminate that.

62. Imperative: Don’t feed the dog.
Assertive: You should not feed the dog.

63. Imperative: Don’t follow me.
Assertive: You should not follow me.

64. Imperative: Don’t be so sad.
Assertive: You should not be so sad.

65. Imperative: Don’t be late.
Assertive: You should not be late.

66. Imperative: Do not sit down.
Assertive: You should not sit down.

67. Imperative: Don’t have so many bags.
Assertive: You should not have so many bags.

68. Imperative: Don’t shut the door.
Assertive: You should not shut the door.

69. Imperative: Don’t work.
Assertive: You should not work.

70. Imperative: Don’t go.
Assertive: You should not go.

71. Imperative: Don’t be so rude.
Assertive: You should not be so rude.

72. Imperative: Don’t forget.
Assertive: You should not forget.

73. Imperative: Don’t smoke.
Assertive: You should not smoke.

74. Imperative: Don’t put that down now.
Assertive: You should not put that down now.

75. Imperative: Don’t tell the truth.
Assertive: You should not tell the truth.

76. Imperative: Don’t worry.
Assertive: You should not worry.

77. Imperative: Do not kill.
Assertive: You should not kill.

78. Imperative: Do not bear false witness.
Assertive: You should not bear false witness.

79. Imperative: Let us drop the matter.
Assertive: We should drop the matter.

80. Imperative: Let us cut jokes.
Assertive: We should cut jokes.

81. Imperative: Let us hold a meeting.
Assertive: We should hold a meeting.

82. Imperative: Let him enjoy the film.
Assertive: He might enjoy the film.

83. Imperative: Let her keep our environment clean.
Assertive: She might/might be allowed to keep our environment clean.

84. Imperative: Let them feed the hungry.
Assertive: They might feed the hungry.

85. Imperative: Let him do the work.
Assertive: He might do the work.

86. Imperative: Let him write a letter.
Assertive: He might write a letter.

87. Imperative: Let the girl sing a song.
Assertive: The girl might sing a song.

88. Imperative: Let the boys play football.
Assertive: The boys might play football.

89. Imperative: Let them call in a doctor.
Assertive: They might call in a doctor.

90. Imperative: Let me say a few words.
Assertive: I might say a few words.

91. Imperative: Let me solve the problem.
Assertive: I might solve the problem.

92. Imperative: Let him do the sum.
Assertive: He might do the sum.

93. Imperative: Let me do it for you.
Assertive: I might do it for you.

94. Imperative: Let me see.
Assertive: I might see.

95. Imperative: Let us go.
Assertive: We should go.

96. Imperative: Let’s do some exercises.
Assertive: We should do some exercise.

97. Imperative: Let us not be worried.
Assertive: We should not be worried.

98. Imperative: Let him go.
Assertive: He might go.

99. Imperative: Let her explain it.
Assertive: She should explain it.

100. Imperative: Let them try it.
Assertive: They might try it.

101. Imperative: Let the customers pay immediately.
Assertive: The customers might  pay immediately.

103. Imperative: Let’s get started.
Assertive: We should get started.

104. Imperative: Let’s go for a walk.
Assertive: We should go for a walk.

105. Imperative: Let me help you.
Assertive: We might help you.

106. Imperative: Let them cool.
Assertive: We might cool.

107. Imperative: Let’s go to the fair together.
Assertive: We should go to the fair together.

108. Imperative: Let’s not be frustrated.
Assertive: We should not be frustrated.

109. Imperative: Let us take Bangladeshi food very much.
Assertive: We should take Bangladeshi food very much.
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