She Walks in Beauty Summary

She Walks in Beauty Summary line by line

She Walks in Beauty Summary

Lines 1-6:
 The poem is written by Lord Byron in 1813. The poet met the wife of his cousin at a ball dance. He was impressed by her unusual beauty and the next morning he wrote this poem. The poet says that his cousin-in-law is very beautiful. He compares the woman to the beauty of night. She is as beautiful as the night under a cloudless starry sky.

The poet then says that the woman has dark-black hair and bright eyes. This combination has increased her beauty just the same way as dark night becomes clear by bright stars. As the soft tender light of a starry bright night surpasses the brightness of the day, the harmony of the woman's dark hair and bright eyes has enhanced her attraction.

Lines 7-12: Here the poet says that the woman has a perfect balance to her beauty. Her beauty has a correct proportion of dark and bright. She has the right amount of darkness and brightness. In her look, there is some darkness and has less brightness. We see this wave of half dark and half bright in every dense black tree. The same thing is seen in her look. Then the poet says that her beautiful thoughts express her sweet beauty in her face. As she has pure, dear and beautiful mind, these pure thoughts have added to her beauty.

Lines 13-18: Here the poet talks about her looks. The poet focuses on what her looks say about her soul. As she has a calm and good soul, the beauty of that soul is expressed in her cheek and over her eyebrow. The goodness of her soul is expressed through her smiles and it has increased the shining of her beauty. The poet says that the woman's looks reflect what kind of person she is. The woman is kind and good and has a heart which bas innocent love.

She Walks in Beauty Theme

The main theme of the poem is the glorification of a lady's beauty. Here the poet expresses his awe and amazement at the appearance of the lady. Her beauty has a kind of harmony between dark and light. Thus, the theme of contrast between light and dark is also explored in the poem.

In the poem, the poet depicts the woman's beauty. Through imagery, the poet compares her beauty to nature. He discloses that the woman's feature is a beautiful mixture of natural elements which have attained some perfect and delicate balance. In the final stanza, the poet projects her temperament and her inner beauty.
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