Uses of a Computer paragraph

There are many uses of a computer. Firstly, computers can do extremely complicated calculations in a few seconds without any confusion.

Secondly, computers are used in all kinds of data entry, data processing and maintaining database. Thirdly, computers are greatly used in education sector. From book publication to online classes and exams or e - book access, computers are a must. Even education management cannot be thought of without a computer.

Fourthly, computers are essential in hospitals for diagnosis, treatment, surgery and overall management. Today, maintaining database of the patients' history is possible only with the help of a computer.

Fifthly, all government sectors are totally dependent on computers for data processing, maintaining a database of citizens and supporting a paperless environment.

Sixthly, nowadays all banking and business transactions are done using computers. Seventhly, computers are greatly used in industrial planning, production and supply.

Eighthly, computers are used in scientific research and engineering activities. Finally, at home or in entertainment, computers work just like a driving force.

We use them for internet access, watching movies, online bill payment, etc. In a word , the uses of a computer have covered everything and every field of our day to day life.

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