Metro Rail Paragraph

(a) What is metro rail?
(b) What is the current status of metro rail project in Bangladesh?
(c) How can it help the vb commuters in Dhaka city?
(d) What are the difficulties we are facing due to its construction work?
(e) How can w this project help our economy?

Metro rail is a type of high capacity railway system. It is also called Rapid Transit system. It usually has tracks above street level on elevated structures that are constructed of steel or concrete.

It is one of the fastest ways of commuting in large cities. With a view to saving Dhaka from the unbearable traffic jam, the construction work of a metro rail project is speeding up.

The project will be finished in two phases. Officially known as the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Line-6, metro rail service is expected to carry near about 60,000 passengers per hour once it is completed. It is supposed to significantly reduce the travel time inside Dhaka city.

The project is expected to save Tk. 200 billion per year which will be a huge relief for our fast growing economy. However, since the start of the project, Dhaka city dwellers have been facing difficulties due to heavy traffic jam. Such situation is caused by the ongoing excavation for the metro rail.

Nevertheless, people are enthusiastically bearing with these temporary difficulties, because they know that it will save thousands of work-hours by reducing traffic jam. It will also give the city dwellers a comfortable life.

Hence, it will not be wrong to say that metro rail has opened the gateway leading to a modern and comfortable future.

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