Job Interview paragraph

Job interview is a process of selecting candidates for certain posts by asking them (candidates) some questions. Job interview is arranged to select the right candidate.

Though it has always been thought as a pretty useless way, all employers inflict this unnatural experience upon successive generations of candidates. A candidate's lasting impression is determined by the clothes he/she wears.
Job interview paragraph
A job applicant should be well-groomed and modestly dressed. He/She must avoid such clothes as are too elaborate or too casual. A candidate should demonstrate certain personal and professional qualities. It is important to be successful in an interview. A job seeker should give answer straightforwardly and should be grammatically accurate. He should speak in a friendly manner.

An applicant must speak in such a way that interviewers understand that he/she knows what he/she is saying. He/She should talk knowledgeably about the requirements of the position for which he/she is applying in relation to his/her own professional experience and interests.

The really impressive applicant must convey a sense of self-confidence and enthusiasm for work, factors which all interviewers value highly. If an applicant/job seeker can display these characteristics, with a little luck, will certainly succeed in the typical personal interview.
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